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Windows 7 RTM and July 13th Mystery.


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Recently it was said that Windows 7 RTM build is set to July 13th but now it seems that the schedule has been altered by Microsoft.

But site "GeekSmack" got some information from a source close to Microsoft about this new schedule:

It seems like due to several show stopper bugs, one that we think has to do with activation, the RTM build has been delayed from the initial date.

Today was pretty much the deadline that Microsoft internally set to choose and decide on an RTM build, but from what we’re now hearing none of the builds thus far have been deemed good enough, and so they’re continuing to compile RTM candidate builds. Backing this, in the recent Microsoft press release regarding the executive re-shuffle, they stated this: “The transition between Reller and Veghte is timed to take place in late July when Windows 7 reaches the release to manufacturing (RTM) milestone”.

Again, when we initially reported on the matter, internal sources and other forms of evidence led us to believe that the RTM was coming, and I can safely say that at the time it was confirmed and it was going to happen, but with these new show-stopper bugs present Microsoft had to make a change to the roadmap to accommodate the time it will take to iron them out.

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It will be released on monday to large Microsoft customers and partners, along with hardware manufacturers like IBM, HP etc..

This will give additional feedback on new possible bugs which would then be fixed until the release of retail version in October.

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It seems Microsoft has finally managed to fix the recently found show-stopper bugs and compiled the RTM build of Windows 7 successfully.

Site "GeekSmack" is again reporting that Windows 7 RTM build has been compiled and the build number is 7600. The full build string is 7600.16384.090710-1945 which means that the RTM build was compiled on July 10, 2009 and the time was 07:45 PM.

The build has been leaked on various torrent sites as well as uploading sites. Currently only 64-bit build has been leaked by a chinese leaker.

Since there is a huge gap between last build and this new build number and the Desktop doesn't contain watermark, there are very high chances that its real but we can't say anything atm until Microsoft officially announce it. So let's wait and watch the show as usual...

Note that Beta and RC keys are not working in this build.

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Well, I wouldn't trust Torrent sites. Windows 7 still isn't available through SA benefit, but then again, it might leak if hardware manufacturers did get RTM before the MSDN and Technet subscribers...

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Now its confirmed by Microsoft that Windows 7 has NOT reached RTM status.

This is what "Windows 7 Team Blog" says:

We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows 7. We expect Windows 7 to RTM in the 2nd half of July.

There is a lot of work that needs to take place for us to finalize all languages of Windows 7.

At RTM our partners begin their final preparations for Windows 7, including testing and building images for new PCs. RTM is essentially the final “stage” of engineering for Windows 7 before it hits the market at General Availability (GA). As Steven notes, engineering continues on Windows 7 from RTM until GA on October 22nd.


Visit this link for complete info.

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