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Notepad2 - v4.2.25.938


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Notepad2 (modified)


NOTE: This will "replace" the original notepad.exe in windows. Technically, it does not replace

it. The original notepad.exe will still be on your system, however, anytime you open a

compatible file, it will open using notepad2, instead of the original notepad.exe. See the homepage

for a more details.


Most editors are either fully-featured but slow or fast but useless. Notepad2 has a small footprint and is very fast,

even when used on a very old machine; the only other text editor that I have used that starts up as fast as Notepad2

is Windows Notepad. Yet, despite its speed, Notepad2 has a lot of useful features, such as auto-indent, brace matching,

syntax highlighting, and code folding. Most importantly, its startup speed is comparable to that of Windows Notepad,

which makes Notepad2 an ideal Notepad replacement.

Modifications compared to the official Notepad2:•Code folding•Support for bookmarks•Option to mark all occurrences of a word•Word auto-completion•Syntax highlighting support for AutoHotkey, AutoIt3, AviSynth, Bash, CMake, Inno Setup, LaTeX, Lua, Markdown, NSIS, Ruby and Tcl scripts•Improved support for NFO ANSI art•Support for replacing Windows Notepad using a clean, unintrusive registry-based method•Other various minor changes and tweaks


Platform: x86 & x64

Addon Release Date: December 3, 2014

Uninstallable: Yes

Credit: *Reaper*


NOTE: This is a dual addon... If your using a x64 system, it will install the x64 version. If your using a x86 system, it will install the x86 version.

Must use Win Toolkit or higher!


Size.png - 954 kb

MD5.png - e6b9216731f24d50559ea90db2d172d4


Edited by *Reaper*
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