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Windows 7 Toolkit v0.8.0 Requests + Alpha


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Legolash2o, but you don't seem to have any problem with adding more Entry's with 'Silent Installer', i Guess il try to figure out why it does NOT work here as it only copys the first entry, all others get 'green' but they wont get copied.

For now i tell you what mountpoint, what Main Folder there is stuff located.

Windows 7 iso extracted is located in D:\Win7, install.wim is D:\Win7\sources\install.wim (obviously)

I mount with DISM,

dism /mount-wim /wimfile:"D:\Win7\sources\Install.wim" /mountdir:"D:\Mountpoint" /index:4

I Start W7Toolkit, Choose Silent Instaler, Add Apps, press Start, First Entry gets progressed> Yellow > turns green, instantly after all Entrys after (doesnt matter if its only 1 entry or 5 entrys etc) get Green to, and it tells me 'Save Image?' I click cancel cause i dont want that W7T unmounts my wim.

Looking at D:\Win7\Apps, il get to see only One File/Folder (folder has the proper stuff in it etc so it copied exactly the way i wanted it to), But <nothing> of the other entrys got copied.

This has to be some sort of bug as i can NOT get it to work, it will <never> copy the next entrys :(

I will now try to Unmount my already mounted wim, mount it with W7T, and try it again, but i dont really want W7T to mount my wim as it doesnt mount the wim exactly there where i want, instead its always W7T/Mount (which i dont want)

Edit: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, ITs not possible to use more than one 'Already mounted' wim as it will only display <one> and i have no idea which one cause it doesnt display that ;<

Edit 2: Anyway i could only test one Wim as it didnt find my second ;( I wanted to test something out.. but oh well anyway

I placed Install.wim in D:\, And Manualy chose the Win7 Folder, for some reason now it copied more than 1 entry, the second entry got progressed as well as you could see it in the status bar as well the Color, Yellow green, but it seems weird as it did: Yellow (1st entry), Yellow (2nd Entry) then Green (both) ? instead of Yellow > Green (1st), Yellow > Green (2nd) etc.. (Working, Sucess or Failure) (though im not sure if you added a Red Color or can check for Failure) for Failure you would actually have to compare both to say if something didnt get copied.

Edit 3: Heck i think il get a MSN account just to have some sort of live chat with you, as this feels less awkward and 'laggy' :\ Done.

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