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[Addon] Microsoft Runtime Libraries Collection(x86) 2.0.7


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This is intended for keep code65536's work going. Besides merely an update, I decide to divide it into several packs, for VC7-9 runtimes is almost a must-have while old VC1/VB1-4 runtimes is only for those who work with old apps. Adding to that, VC10 is a new-comer, on which nearly no apps are developed till now.


Different from code65536's goal, my goal is to provide basic Microsoft runtime coverage to satisfy the common needs that is missing from Windows XP while still providing stuffs to fill the "gaps" that Microsoft left. I have included only Microsoft C-family runtimes (CRT/MFC/etc.) and VB runtimes. No third-party non-Microsoft runtimes are included. No ActiveX controls are included. Only language runtimes. If you are looking for more than just runtimes or if you are looking for third-party libraries, then one of the other addons may be better suited for your needs.

Why a "true addon" and why not?

First, this is a "no-frills" pack. Second, the installation happens during the text setup and the very beginning of GUI setup(VC8-9), which means that the runtimes here will be installed early enough that programs that depend on these runtimes can be run at any time during Windows setup. Finally, this is an extremely "clean" install; there are no CABs to unpack, no INFs to process, which means this pack "leaves no trace".

The cons of this pack, however, is the unavoidable size increase of you XP Disc. The size increase is further more than the addon's size since the addon is compressed in 7-zip, probably the best one, while the files on XP Disc are compressed in cabinet. In the case you want to save space, please consider using a switchless installer. Additionally, there seems to be some apps that don't like the true addon and insist to install the runtimes of their own.

So I offer them both.

Overview of Microsoft Runtimes

  • VC1: included in this addon as a component of Legacy Addon
  • VC2-VC6: bundled with WinXP (untouched by this addon)
  • VC7-VC10: included in this addon as Mainstream Addon
  • VB1-VB4: included in this addon as components of Legacy Addon
  • VB5-VB6: bundled with WinXP (untouched by this addon)
  • VB7+: part of the .NET CLR; not included in this addon, please check my .NET Releases.

Mainstream Pack

Contains VC7-10 runtimes.

  • True Addon(The VC8/9 runtimes are installed as WinSxS assemblies, and VC7/VC10 runtimes are installed to %SystemRoot%\system32. And if you are wondering,
yes, I omitted msdia on purpose.):YumeYao_MicrosoftVC78910RuntimeLibraries_Addon_2_0_7.7z
Size: 5.15 MB (5,403,130 Bytes)
MD5: b9570dcacdb203f135c94ae03760d49e

Mixed Addon(VC7 are integrated as true addon, VC8-10 are installed at T-13):

Size: 6.43 MB (6,745,727 Bytes)
MD5: 708bd36e0bd3a00c59f76597eb83e636
Contents in detail:

[7.0.9981.0 ] msvcr70.dll
[7.10.7031.4 ] msvcr71.dll
[8.0.50727.6195] msvcr80.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] msvcr90.dll
[10.0.40219.325] msvcr100.dll

/*-- Managed C runtimes ----------------------------------------------*/

[8.0.50727.6195] msvcm80.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] msvcm90.dll

/*-- Legacy iostream.h library ---------------------------------------*/

[7.0.9955.0 ] msvci70.dll

/*-- C++ standard library (STL) --------------------------------------*/

[7.0.9466.0 ] msvcp70.dll
[7.10.6052.0 ] msvcp71.dll
[8.0.50727.6195] msvcp80.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] msvcp90.dll
[10.0.40219.325] msvcp100.dll

/*-- Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC) ------------------------*/

[7.0.9975.0 ] mfc70.dll, mfc70u.dll, mfc70???.dll
[7.10.6119.0 ] mfc71.dll, mfc71u.dll, mfc71???.dll
[8.0.50727.6195] mfc80.dll, mfc80u.dll, mfc80???.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] mfc90.dll, mfc90u.dll, mfc90???.dll
[10.0.40219.325] mfc100.dll, mfc100u.dll, mfc100???.dll

/*-- Microsoft Foundation Class Managed Library ----------------------*/

[8.0.50727.6195] mfcm80.dll, mfcm80u.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] mfcm90.dll, mfcm90u.dll
[10.0.40219.325] mfcm100.dll, mfcm100u.dll

/*-- Active Template Library (ATL) -----------------------------------*/

[7.0.9975.0 ] atl70.dll
[7.10.6119.0 ] atl71.dll
[8.0.50727.6195] atl80.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] atl90.dll
[10.0.40219.325] atl100.dll

/*-- Open Multi-Processing libraries (OMP) ---------------------------*/

[8.0.50727.6195] vcomp.dll
[9.0.30729.6161] vcomp90.dll
[10.0.40219.325] vcomp100.dll
/*-- C standard library (CRT) ----------------------------------------*/ 

Legacy Pack

Contains VC1 and VB1-4 runtimes. The VB runtimes are installed to %SystemRoot%\system, and VC1 CRT runtime is installed to %SystemRoot%\system32.

YumeYao_MicrosoftOldRuntimeLibraries_Addon_1_0_0.7z (Mirror)
Size: 1.09 MB (1,151,861 Bytes)
MD5: 43f688e16ddeffbfbe74b0b0c670d7de
Contents in detail:

[1.0 ] msvcrt10.dll

/*-- Visual Basic runtimes -------------------------------------------*/

[1.00 ] vbrun100.dll
[ ] vbrun200.dll
[ ] vbrun300.dll
[ ] vb40016.dll
[ ] vb40032.dll
/*-- C standard library (CRT) ----------------------------------------*/


* 2011/8/14: Updated VC10.

* 2011/6/17: Updated VC8 and VC9.

* 2011/4/12(again): Updated VC7.1 too.

* 2011/4/12: Updated VC8/VC9 Runtimes to latest MFC Update.

* 2011/3/10: Updated VC10 Runtime to SP1.

* 2011/1/21: Updated VC9 libraries. Merged VC10 into Mainstream pack(Time for this, I think).

* 2010/10/28: Updated VC9 and VC10 libraries.

* 2010/9/18: Fixed the errors in VC10 addon. Added the T-13 installer addons.

* 2010/9/15: Contains VC7.1 ATL/MFC, VC8 runtimes for MS09-35 and VC9 runtimes for KB982062.

Edited by ricktendo64
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The VC10 runtime addon .ini file list doesn't match the file names and is causing a "missing file" error during dosnet filecopy.













Filenames are:

mfc100chs.dll (instead of mfc100cn.dll)

mfc100deu.dll (instead of mfc100de.dll)


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