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OCZ PCI-E SSD Driver Problem


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My apologies, i didn't see it at the bottom of the first page, you double posted i think naughty naughty :P

Well it integrated fine, on my end but i don't have your computer to test it on, but hopefully when the next version is released it will show your driver integrated in the 'Integrated' tabs in AIO.

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Yes, are native and bootables, I choose USB drive from Menu by press F8 at BIOS boot...

you're lucky then... or maybe Asus has done their homeworks better. On a Gigabyte with USB 3.0 by Renesas those ports aren't usable with bootable sticks. :(

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sorry, I thought it was ontopic - talking about booting from usb 3.0 ports.

alfreire, Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 is my motherboard. We'll (please) continue via pm if you have other things to add. :)

lol the OP didn't even mentioned USB 3.0 :P

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The problem is still the same :(

Exact error message:

A necessary CD-/DVD-Driver is missing. If you have a driver disk -CD, -DVD or a USB-Flashdrive, please insert it now.

As I said the driver worked before, at least when I choose it manually then, was no problem.

So the issue is not boot.wim related, it must be any option in WinKit that causes this.

Any tweak, option I dunno :(

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Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! :ranting: :ranting: :ranting: Seems it won't work again.

Made again a new Image and integrated only the drivers, no more changes.

The drivers appeared in the Windows 7 Pro x64 and in the Windows Setup section.

But no chance...

Also trying again to search for it manually was no success.

I don't understand that. I mean this are the right drivers.

Last time I had this problem it was any fault in the options of Winkit, I loaded older preferences and everything was ok. But this time I even did not do any changes so WTF.

This is driving me insane :aggressive:

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Guys, you won't believe... :shifty:

It seems that this fracking PCI-E SSD needs another HDD that the drivers can be used. :doh:

That makes abolutely no sense but after I added the driver for my SATA Chipset the driver for the SSD could be used.

Before I had this additional HDD on a SATA port which did not need drivers for the Windows Setup.

But also again it only worked after I choose it manually. Before this switch of my other HDD to the other SATA ports the integrated one worked.

Is anybody of you aware of such an issue??

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