Please wait for the Windows Modules Installer

One of our Windows Server 2008 servers got stuck after rebooting displaying the following message:

Please wait for the Windows Modules Installer

Windows Modules Installer Service

We have tried to wait for a couple of hours, but the Windows just couldn’t proceed to the login screen. Luckily we were able to connect to the server admin share and have noticed that the system drive went out of free disk space. After the cleanup and forced restart of the server, the problem was still here.

To solve this we had to open services.msc console and remotely connect to this server.

Scroll down to Windows Modules Installer Service and set the startup type to Disabled. Click Apply and restart the server.

Windows Modules Installer Service

Your server should be back online and you should be able to login to the server. Unfortunately, once you set the startup type for Windows Modules Installer service to Automatic and restart the server, you’ll be experiencing the same problem again.

This is not a permanent solution but rather a temporary fix to get the crucial server back online.

If I manage to find a complete solution for this issue, this article will be updated.

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