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  1. Cleaning LCD screens

    Well, after I have tried alcohol free formula of Carl Zeiss wipes I can say that those SUCK! Those "new formula" wipes are leaving stains and lints (I hope that's the right word) Compared to the first one, these really aren't worth the money! I'll have to find a proper alternative because it seems that alcohol is the key in super fast drying that results in no stains at all.
  2. Still one 2 days left in our WinRAR software giveaway, what are you waiting for http://www.wincert.net/newscast/winrar-v5-31-giveaway-on-wincert/ We are offering 5 perpetual licenses for the current (5.3x version) of the software. To enter this giveaway please become a fan of Winrar and WinCert at: http://www.facebook.com/Winrar https://www.facebook.com/WinCert
  3. We have recently got a Cryptlocker variant in our company. We have managed to disable and delete it and we have also restored the files that were already encrypted from a recent backup. I will soon write an article with suggestions on how to protect your machine or a domain from a Cryptolocker viruses, because it seems that Anti-virus companies can't keep up with this new threats. In the meantime, please share your info on how do you protect your machine or your network.
  4. UPS, now they're not working for me either. Obviously Microsoft or the owner of the Onedrive account removed the files..
  5. Thanks Alex16, I will update the first post with these download links. Regards, Nik
  6. I did on  Sep 15 th of 2015 i can if you  need It again i was the one having issue i had to send you a PM and donate it manually I guess you don't remember but i did on 15th of sep . i was doing it on a year is it needed more often ? .

    1. NIM


      Aaaarrhg, ok..

      Just please send me your paypal e-mail in PM.

      Best regards and thanks again!

  7. Windows 10 Fonts and Sizes

    Same thing with the forum software. They have implemented many new thing, but decided to remove the BBCode support that everybody used.
  8. Windows 10 Fonts and Sizes

    Herer's what I have found out.. GDI is gone. Changing the font size in the display applet affects universal apps, but not win32 (well, at least not most of them). The majority of desktop/legacy apps will be affected by the increase in "zoom". However, any apps that are not directx-aware will basically be unaffected by either (remember the ability to set "xp style" zoom in previous versions of Windows?  This did that). Expected behavior here in Windows 10 unfortunatelly.
  9. Windows 10 Fonts and Sizes

    Yes, as I can see you have tried everything. This link doesn't show anything new it seems: http://www.windowscentral.com/how-make-text-apps-bigger-windows-10 I will try to dig something out and will let you know. Regards, Nik
  10. Cleaning LCD screens

    Yes, I've been useing Carl Zeiss wipes that contained alcohol and those were perfect. I still have to try the new formula without alcohol, but I doubt that it will be that good. When wipes contain alcohol they dry ultra fast and that is the reason why those don't leave an streaks on the screen.   
  11. Windows 10 Fonts and Sizes

    you've followed this advice from Microsoft? http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/make-text-screen-larger-smaller/?v=t
  12. Cleaning LCD screens

    And I thought that alcohol isn't good for display screens 
  13. Cleaning LCD screens

    What do you use for cleaning of LCD displays? I have tried a lot of products and I can say that Carl Zeiss wipes works best for me. They don't leave any stains while cleaning and dry very fast. At first those wipes contained alcohol, but the newest line of product doesn't contain any alcohol. Post your recommendations below.
  14. Site Donations

    Dear members, due to a problems with Donations Sidebar module, we are unable to use this plugin for accepting new donations. If you would like to donate some funds for our site costs you can do so by using our Paypal address (donations[at]wincert.net) directly from the Paypal web site. Thanks!