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Configure SmartScreen via GPO

With Cryptolocker number of variants rising each day we had to implement SmartScreen filter using Group Policy in our environment. Here’s how you can easily configure SmartScreen filter using GPO. Open Group Policy editor...

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Cryptolocker virus protection

You have probably already heard about very well known type of virus called “Cryptolocker“. Each day you can heard about new variant of Cryptolocker virus and based from my experience I can say that...

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Nota Fiscal 00385380011.exe virus alert

It seems that a new virus/malware is on the loose. Today I have received an e-mail containing the same virus in the past couple of days. Here’s the mail info: From: Ludimilla – Financeiro...

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USPS Delivery Failure Notification

If you have received a mail from U.S. Postal Service that used the following address with the following body message: Hello! Unfortunately we failed to deliver the postal package you have sent on the...