Anti-virus software is a necessity, now more than ever

Using a computer and going online, no matter how safe the websites you use seem to be, can be very risky if done without a good anti-virus program.

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Even now, when you can get Windows with two most important tools to fight of any kind of attacks, Windows Firewall and Windows Defender, it is still very unwise not to protect your data and your computer with every resource that is available to you.  These programs are an essential part of the OS and Microsoft is very attentive to frequent and good quality updates that happen without interrupting your work or taking too much space.

Anti-virus programs have become very advanced, but only because there was no choice. Users and their resources were becoming more and more at risk from potential attackers who were also developing new and improved means of causing trouble or trying to gain any kind of advantage with these illegal actions. They include viruses, worms, Trojan horses and many other intruders that can cause a lot of damage to your computer.

They can delete irreplaceable files or access personal data and even more dangerous, they can use your computer to attack other computers, without ever being identified. In order for the anti-virus programs to be effective, both the program and the virus signature files must be updated regularly and from a good trustworthy source.

In conclusion, using an antivirus software is a must, but there is one major difference. Today you do not have to go and find a good quality anti-virus software on your own but in Windows 10 everything is right there for you to use as it comes as a part of your system. Very discreet, convenient and what is most important, very protective of your PC and your data.

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