Microsoft’s presenter had to install Google Chrome during presentation because Edge browser fails

Among many new updates and features, Windows 10 Fall Creators update brought us improved Microsoft Edge browser. According to Microsoft, the Edge browser is now more stable and reliable than ever before.

During the Azure presentation at Microsoft Ignite, the latest version of Edge browser caused problems and Microsoft employee had to download and use the Chrome browser.

The actual thing happened during the presentation of data, application, and workload migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Microsoft has published this whole presentation on Youtube and you can see the funny part in the video above.

Hats down to Microsoft employee who handled the situation in a funny way. During the Chrome setup, he laughed and said “we won’t help Google getting better” as he unchecks the box during the browser download prompt.

He explained that the Edge browser on these machines is locked down a bit and some things don’t work as they should.

If this is the case, why using these machines for public presentations in the first place?

Unfortunately, my personal experience with the Ege browser continues to be negative. When using the Edge browser on my Windows 10 Enterprise Fall creators update PC, the browser freezes frequently.

Although I would like to change the browser and move from Chrome to Microsoft Edge I just can’t do that because the Edge still lacks the speed and reliability of Chrome.

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  1. Alex says:

    You know is a bad company when install chrome instead of firefox

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