Windows 7 and Windows 10 gaining market share

It’s not a surprise that the most popular Microsoft OS Windows XP is losing the market share. What is more interesting is that Windows 7 and Windows 10 are both gaining market share.

Windows 7 still is gaining share even though Microsoft is doing everything to persuade their consumers to switch to Windows 10.

Image source: NetMarketShare

In April it looked like Windows 7 is finally starting to lose its market share, but it went back up by 1% in May. It seems that great number of Windows consumers are migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 instead of Windows 10. This clearly shows that Windows 7 still is the most preferred OS from Microsoft.

Windows 7 currently holds 49.46% of market share, Win 10 sits at 26.78% and slightly rising each month, while Windows 8.1  is steady at 6.74%. Mac OS X has is also gaining market share and now holds 3.59%.

Despite Microsoft efforts to push Windows 10, Windows 7 has reached the highest market share during the 12 months period.

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