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  1. Win Toolkit

    I'm not responsible for the registration process, so nothing I can do in that regard. I also don't have a 4K screen to develop 4K support, so I would be essentially programming blind. Unless there's a program out there to making the program look as if it was running on 4K. Considering that the application is free.... you're welcome.
  2. bad download

    Sorry about that, I compressed the wrong exe. v1.6.0.1 has been released; marking a new age of ad-freeness for 2018.
  3. Win Toolkit Important Information

    Mostly likely GitHub
  4. Win Toolkit Important Information

    ADVERTS Since I hardly work on Win Toolkit these days (due to my PhD commitments). As soon as 2018 starts, adfly adverts will be disabled; creating an advert free application! I will be coming on here every often to fix any big bugs that I'm notified about. OPEN-SOURCE, CODE RELEASE Also, a poll is attached for my curiosity. I'm tempted to make the code on available for both projects on GitHub and just want to know what other people feel. There's no guarantee that it will be made available though. Please bare in mind that the code is not great or commented for v1. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year
  5. HUGE Bug in WT

    Already fixed that and re-uploaded
  6. drivers not integrate at all

    Maybe try the latest build. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  7. HUGE Bug in WT

    I've uploaded build 16 to the test area fixing six bugs since v12. That issue was caused by me removing an option. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  8. Drivers-Install in the boot.wim

    This was caused by Options being loaded last in the preset. Fixed
  9. HUGE Bug in WT

    Took a while to hunt it down but I managed to fix it. It was caused because a missed out adding a 'true' boolean to delete non-empty folders.
  10. HUGE Bug in WT

    Holy mother of god. I'll try and fix that tonight.
  11. WT freeze, not responding app

    I have managed to reproduce this issue without Vista or Sam Drivers. Also I don't like that it takes ages to count drivers so going to fix that also.
  12. DismApi can't be found

    Please try the new version I've just uploaded. It includes the path for the Windows 10 SDK kit whereas previsously it went upto Windows 8.1.
  13. WinToolkit Development

    For those having issues with WTK v1 and Windows 10. I've now removed the expiry limit entirely and uploaded the new version
  14. Download links dead

    Please don't upload modified versions of Win Toolkit. Also,I've uploaded a new version which removes the license server checking.
  15. je vais essayer de nouveau pour voir ..