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  1. HUGE Bug in WT

    Already fixed that and re-uploaded
  2. drivers not integrate at all

    Maybe try the latest build. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  3. HUGE Bug in WT

    I've uploaded build 16 to the test area fixing six bugs since v12. That issue was caused by me removing an option. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  4. Drivers-Install in the boot.wim

    This was caused by Options being loaded last in the preset. Fixed
  5. HUGE Bug in WT

    Took a while to hunt it down but I managed to fix it. It was caused because a missed out adding a 'true' boolean to delete non-empty folders.
  6. HUGE Bug in WT

    Holy mother of god. I'll try and fix that tonight.
  7. WT freeze, not responding app

    I have managed to reproduce this issue without Vista or Sam Drivers. Also I don't like that it takes ages to count drivers so going to fix that also.
  8. DismApi can't be found

    Please try the new version I've just uploaded. It includes the path for the Windows 10 SDK kit whereas previsously it went upto Windows 8.1.
  9. WinToolkit Development

    For those having issues with WTK v1 and Windows 10. I've now removed the expiry limit entirely and uploaded the new version
  10. Download links dead

    Please don't upload modified versions of Win Toolkit. Also,I've uploaded a new version which removes the license server checking.
  11. je vais essayer de nouveau pour voir ..


  12. bonjour ou bonsoir salut ..bon bah moi le téléchargement de toolkit ce lance corectement .. mais au bout d'un moment ça coupe j'ai essayais 3 fois la même chose ..que me conseillez vous ..!!????

  13. Hello. Sorry to bother you, but we would not like to know if we are going back to the Wintoolkit project again. Version which was the last time it came out and does not support new versions of Windows 10 and versions 2.X there are no functional functions like version

    I hope you are well and that soon we know something about you and your projects.

  14. WinToolkit Development

    There are too many issues in one thread to make sense of it all. xForce: on the 16th October post it seems like you was trying to integrate 32bit updates into an x64 OS. Thiersee: When you upgraded the image, did you save and unmount first or did you keep it mounted and then upgraded? 'Known Issues' updates usually prevent all other updates after it from being integrated properly. Seems to be common with stack updates. I think from memory you should integrate those first > save & unmount > all other updates, tweaks, etc.. Sweden: I got an email that KB3197868 and other rollups did not get integrated after IE. All update rollups should now go into the 2nd phase (After IE). I'm required to check my emails ALL the time so that's how I found out about that issue.
  15. WinToolkit Development

    So you want KB3177467 to be at RunOnce? A box should have appeared asking you if you wanted it to be a silent installer. You have to tick the box and click continue if so.