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  1. Maybe try the latest build. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  2. I've uploaded build 16 to the test area fixing six bugs since v12. That issue was caused by me removing an option. http://wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds
  3. This was caused by Options being loaded last in the preset. Fixed
  4. Took a while to hunt it down but I managed to fix it. It was caused because a missed out adding a 'true' boolean to delete non-empty folders.
  5. Holy mother of god. I'll try and fix that tonight.
  6. I have managed to reproduce this issue without Vista or Sam Drivers. Also I don't like that it takes ages to count drivers so going to fix that also.
  7. Please try the new version I've just uploaded. It includes the path for the Windows 10 SDK kit whereas previsously it went upto Windows 8.1.
  8. For those having issues with WTK v1 and Windows 10. I've now removed the expiry limit entirely and uploaded the new version
  9. Please don't upload modified versions of Win Toolkit. Also,I've uploaded a new version which removes the license server checking.
  10. There are too many issues in one thread to make sense of it all. xForce: on the 16th October post it seems like you was trying to integrate 32bit updates into an x64 OS. Thiersee: When you upgraded the image, did you save and unmount first or did you keep it mounted and then upgraded? 'Known Issues' updates usually prevent all other updates after it from being integrated properly. Seems to be common with stack updates. I think from memory you should integrate those first > save & unmount > all other updates, tweaks, etc.. Sweden: I got an email that KB3197868 and other rollups did not get integrated after IE. All update rollups should now go into the 2nd phase (After IE). I'm required to check my emails ALL the time so that's how I found out about that issue.
  11. So you want KB3177467 to be at RunOnce? A box should have appeared asking you if you wanted it to be a silent installer. You have to tick the box and click continue if so.
  12. v1.5.4.6 released hopefully addressing those issues.
  13. I received an email with an important issue so test build v1.5.4.5 has been uploaded. *^Added upgrade options for Windows 10 *^Added upgrade options for Windows 8 CoreConnected *^Update rollups integrated after IE *^FIX: Removed *.db, *.chk, and *.log files from Cleanup Manager as they can corrupt sfc.exe *^FIX: Extended Windows 10 support
  14. Sorry guys, I've been focusing on the final run of my degree (2 weeks to go). The links should be working now
  15. There was a forum update which made all the links pointing to wincert invalid. I'll be updating them
  16. The 2nd version I'm working in around my coursework won't have any ads and will be available to buy. I used to use one of those crappy installers to earn some extra cash but people didn't like it and neither did I as sometimes it could also instead bloat. The company I used didn't always check the software they was provided so it HAD to go. Since then, I decided to just have a 5 second advert. I make nowhere as much money but I'm happy with that as long as I aint bloating up peoples computers.
  17. I completely forget about the 3 month test expiry date so I've removed it and uploaded a new version. Nothing much has changed as I've been researching ideas, experimenting, etc...
  18. Hey guys I'm aware that the WinToolkit v2.x trial has expired. I will upload a new version on Monday once my exam is over and done with Sorry for any inconvenience.
  19. what are the filenames of the 4? i.e. teamviewer.exe, teamviewer_1.exe, teamviewer.exe.bak?
  20. Anyone who has donated quite recently have access to Oct 2015 exclusives. Soon to be Jan 2016.
  21. I know what you mean. I still have memories of when I had my own IPS forum ages ago. I've turned of notifications for that topic and all seems good so far I don't get multiple emails for this topic though, just the one i mentioned earlier :/
  22. No worries. I wanted to release it sooner but a DNS issue was preventing me from accessing Wincert :'( Whilst I was at it, I downloaded about 3000 errors logs which i'll have to fix. I've currently in a mix between reading a programming book for useful things to use in WTK 2.x, revising for an exam next week, work, and job hunting. ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  23. Awesome apart from that issue. The new version looks really nice! P.S. Hope you had a great christmas holiday and new years!
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