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  1. I am not sure about the "Common Files" directory, but I believe most of those directories can be specified from an autounattend.xml file. And that might be the only way that you can do it.
  2. Are the registry settings modifying something in the "Local Machine" hive or the "Current User" hive. If the settings are modifying in the "Current User" hive, that at install is directed to the "Default User". It may be that those settings are not being carried over properly. If it is going to the "Local Machine" hive, then you possibly might have located a bug.
  3. Likely AhrimanSefid is looking for the "beta" link for WinToolKit. It is the first post of a topic that used to be sticked. Legolash2o appearantly is not "advertising" that link too much any more.
  4. Yeah, I understand. I do not defrag nearly as much as I used to. That and having an SSD helps too.
  5. Please be more specific on what was removed, on what updates were added, etc. While we can speculate on what you tried to do, we cannot read your mind.
  6. Something you might do is try to compare the lumens that each light outputs, supposing that information is put in the description of the light. I know the LED lights sold at Wal-mart have that feature and I can use that to purchase the brightest light at the cheapest cost.
  7. Uh huh ... likely story. I think you just wanted to have a little fun with us. :crying_anim02: (Just kidding.) Sometimes I think the developers get to have all of the fun.
  8. Maybe you should release "stable" beta builds. (Yes I realize that is an oxymoron.) Essentially Legolash2o, you work on whatever it is you need to change (in small increments), then release that as the next beta build. If people report issues, keep working on that section until it works like you want it. Personally, I think you are doing a great job, so however you really want to do it will always be your choice.
  9. Yes you are popular. Keep up the great work Legolash2o!
  10. Most of us try to help around here. Don't worry about it. When Legolash2o asks for some information next time, if I am not around I am sure there are other people who would be glad to provide the info. Most everyone likes WinToolKit as it is being actively developed. I am glad Legolash2o keeps up the great work. :prop:
  11. It is not quite necessary. One of the posts on the other thread lists specifically the options and what can be done. (More so than what I posted.)
  12. Current items that can be made into a [link, menu, don't display]: Computer Control Panel Documents Downloads Games Music Personal folder Pictures Recorded TV Videos Items that can shown to appear (set a link) or not are: Connect to Default Programs Devices and Printers Favorites Menu Help Homegroup Network Recent Run I hope this helps Legolash2o.
  13. This "bug" sounds like someone selected a directory on a DVD or a location that did not have write permissions (possibly network). But that is just my 2 cents.
  14. Maybe a different way of doing this would be possible. Legolash2o, could you give the user the option to pick the directory names they go in? (And then give a warning if any of the directory names are the same.)
  15. You know, this reminds me of the problems when Windows 95, Windows ME, and Vista got released. What is it with MS? Do they intentionally screw things up every other OS they put out? For that piece of mind, I will not be upgrading to Windows 8. Hopefully by the time Windows 9 comes around, Linux will be the OS of choice.
  16. Actually, that is probably more the "automated" bots that search peoples upload files to automatically ban stuff. It is very common these days as the "copyright trolls" have taken over. It is likely related to the name you have that is triggering it. Conversing with MediaFire will probably be pointless as "big content" usually wins (and they likely do not care anyway).
  17. Kind of pointless now. Legolash2o is back and has squashed the bugs.
  18. See now ... it is the birthday that "never stops giving". Happy Birthday! Edit: hmmm .... a little late, but happy belated birthday anyway.
  19. Wow .... I have been running a few versions behind. (v5.3.7.2) Still love the program though. I include DSI will all of my builds. Thank you for creating a great program dougiefresh.
  20. Yes, I read incorrectly. I have corrected it in my original post. What needs to be taken away from this is you would only have to download what updates were not included. For many people, it may not matter that there are 300+ updates installed, as long as WindowsUpdate does not complain. If you are a "completest", by all means, use the more complete updates. If you want just the "majority" to get it done, go with 127. In part, I would be in the first group, but then I do not want to waste the time when the second group will 'get it done' for me.
  21. The reason why KUC has so many more updates is that all updates are included even if your computer may not need it in its current form. For instance, there are twelve updates for IIS. By default, that does not come installed on most systems. Only if you *specifically* select it to install will you get IIS. KUC includes *all* updates regardless of the option is installed. If you had no options installed (you removed all) before going to windows update, then you would get less updates with all options installed from a freshly installed non-updated source. Likely, those updates also have the non-common updates you would not normally get unless you had a certain problem.
  22. I installed both of these updates in "non-LDR" mode and everything appears to be fine with my system. I have not noticed any odd behavior.
  23. Awesome. I did my last ISO without addons/switchless installers just in case. Now I can go back and re-add those for any future installs I might want.
  24. I agree. The default initial selection is just fine, but give us a chance to change it. I have previously set aside a whole partition for just temporary files, but the partition is not the largest out of them all.
  25. While having WinToolkit do this is not a bad idea for something like just a *few* fonts, however that many should be put into a switchless installer. The installer will be compressed, so they save space. Plus, you can install on any computer you want.
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