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  1. heheh Will have to re-take them. Photobucket deleted them I guess o.O
  2. Updated mine hehe, I have 4543 songs, all organized and tagged properly including album art
  3. Tried this one, didn't work for what I wanted to do. Just kept saving the files to my default directory
  4. I'm sorry to hear that Bold_Fortune, it really is too bad about mate
  5. I was thinking Freenode could be the server. My internet isn't up for hosting an IRC server unfortunately. Plus, my server computer doesn't run 24/7. Reason I was thinking Freenode, is because it's free
  6. Hey guys, just was thinking. Would be cool if we could have a chatroom on IRC for all of us. I think it would be pretty cool, because then we could help some people 1 on 1. I personally could stay in the channel from 7AM my time until 11:30PM because thats when my server is online. Now, I realize we wouldn't always be at attention to help with people right away, but, I think it would be better for also having different general discussions. Plus, we could talk about other stuff that would be considered spam on the site Well, let me know what you guys think. For some reason, I remember this being discussed before. PS: N1K, you could get rid of the shoutbox if you did this
  7. Interesting tool mate, thanks for the post
  8. The phone cord method will not work, the Com port with a null modem cable should work, but it will be very slow, only about 115kbps (which is less than that of the average MP3 file bitrate) and the USB cable one I would be bloody careful with, you could damage your USB ports. Putting a voltage together like that is never a good idea. You should actually invest in a network Crossover cable for the two systems (Provided both computers have internal NIC). If they do, you can get one on average for around 20 bucks. You can then basically create a peer to peer network between the two systems. Doing this will be fast and quite efficient. Another option, is to use a wireless network. But in that case, you would need a WiFi card in both systems and a router (or Ad-Hock which doesn't require a router) but that option is far more expensive than the Crossover cable. I have a crossover cable on my desk hooked into my desktop computer and when I want to transfer large files between my laptop and desktop, I use this cable. I can get 100Mbps, which is more than fast enough for transferring the files I do. Anyway, hope this helps!
  9. Awesome post mate, gonna use this on some school computers hehehe :lol:
  10. :w00t: ahahahaha :lol:
  11. Beautiful wallpaper mate, I will be using this one hehe
  12. Well guys, the time came. I finally built myself a new system. Heres the parts: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.6Ghz 1Gb DDR 2 667Mhz Ram 250GB Western Digital IDE HDD (Should have gotten SATA, but bought this drive before getting the new system) Will be upgrading this to 2 X 500GB SATA drives come Christmas Nvidia GeForce 7300LE 128MB PCIe Video Card ECS 945GZT-M Mainboard - ECS's site I loaded Vista Ultimate on it, and was more than happy with the results. The computer runs amazingly compared to my older AMD Athlon XP 1800+ system. I encoded one full length CD to MP3 in 1 minute I thought I'd post some screenshots from it: As you can see, the score isn't exactly the greatest, but upgrading from a 5 year old system, its a helluva difference :lol:
  13. Welcome to the forum mate :welcome: , and might I add thats an amazing connection :bigeyed: Just felt like adding another one for my pitiful connection heheeh
  14. Updated, now a 5gb inbox http://bink.nu/Article10685.bink edit: Oh... hmm, never mind, appears to be 2gb still... edit2: signed up for another and the second one was 5gb, go figure o_O
  15. cygnus


    :lol: Welcome to the forum Dave. You will learn lot's of stuff here. WinCert.net is a very informative site with tons of guides and how-to's, plus a great staff Enjoy your stay! (I think you'll like that one -->) :a028:
  16. I hope (erg can't remember his name) makes a lite version of it. He has really taken the time and made something very worth downloading, thats for sure
  17. Looking for an add-on. A fellow on IRC said he had heard of this add-on. Basically, what I'm looking for is an add-on to sort downloads. Ie) Have torrent files download into a specific folder, and have other file types go into another folder. I do a lot of downloads through torrents and I like to back the torrent files up. So, I'm just wondering if anyone knew of one. Thanks much
  18. cygnus


    Hi BruNo and welcome to WinCert.Net We have a lot of people from many different countries here, so no worries about your language as I'm sure theres people here that will understand French
  19. I finally found a really good Icon editor. I don't know how many other people know about it here, but I thought it was a good idea to post it here. Homepage: http://icofx.xhost.ro/ Screenshot: Enjoy
  20. The original Azureus icon looks bad under Windows XP/2003/Vista, so I decided to look around and get a new one made up. I found a really nice PNG image of the Azureus frog here. I took the PNG image and made the first icon for everyone to use, but then I decided to make the actual Torrent icon better as well. So, I used the blank file icon from Windows Vista and made a really nice one. Screenshots: Tiles: Extra Large (Main PRG icon doesn't seem to want to work correctly for me): Large Icons: Let me know what you guys think azureus_icons.zip
  21. This is great N1K Really sped up my new laptop with this The OEM disks are just way too slow :lol:
  22. Heres my Desktop for this month. Running Windows Vista Ultimate now Desktop: Desktop with Start Menu open:
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