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  1. Looks pretty good. Once again its time to install Xp. But i think the windows logo used in starting screen good for boot too.
  2. what do think abt turnng features on & off through dism.
  3. I think a processor can successfully overclock to at least 40%. I m using Intel dual core E200 2.2 Ghz @ 3.1 Ghz with no pain.
  4. It is .msu to cab converter not .exe to .cab convertor.
  5. Just going to try this out. Thanks Lego.
  6. I think flash.ocx file missing in ur computer. Register flash.ocx then it works fine.
  7. It hangs if u have more than 7 images on DVD and if only one too. New version is in pipeline having fixes and approx 10 mb in size. Just try to use image from DVD drive.
  8. Intel i5 processor have an inbuilt graphics chip set of 900Mhz core speed fair enough to play BR Disc.
  9. 5 yr warranty is standard. Every company promises a 5 yr warranty means 3 yr of replacement and 2 yrs replacement if they still producing that type of HDD otherwise you got 40% of price for 4th year and 20% for last year.
  10. I recommend Samsung as this drive has lot of features that other drives lacking including speed control,acoustic sound managemant(ACM) etc.
  11. Installing bootscreen.... Installing Drive Space Indicator... Installing QTTab... ERROR: Cannot install XPtsp_CF! Installing UberIcon... ERROR: Cannot install UberIcon! Installing Visual TaskTips... ERROR: Cannot install NR_VisTT! Installing Transparent Bar... ERROR: Cannot install TransBar! Installing TrueTransparency... ERROR: Cannot install TrueTran! Installing CAD 2009... ERROR: Cannot install CAD2009! Installing WinFlip... ERROR: Cannot install WinFlip! Installing Vista User Account Pictures... ERROR: Cannot install VistaPix! Running OEM Info Generator... Finalizing Installation.... Patching Completed in 439 seconds. Deleting Icon Caches from User Profiles... I got the following error using green theme.
  12. Then whats the cure or i Have to Wait for next version or is there some temp fix.
  13. I am using Microsoft Security Essentials with windows defender. Works like a charm. Even i have a license for Kapresky Internet Security 2010 but it makes system hell. Also is avira is that good that it tops all of av.
  14. Download Modified syssetup.dll & Access.cpl. Check them out. Working on Shell32.dll wmploc.dll msgina.dll sprt0419.dll setupapi.dll
  15. Personally i Suggest Do not use Both of Them But to go with Samsung Spinpoint F3 1 TB HDD with 32 MB Cache. Reason Seagate use 4 Platters in 1 TB HDD means 250 GB on Each platter. I having both HDD Seagate is not reliable if u uses it coninuiosly for more than 6 hours in a day. I have replace my 1 TB HDD 2 times in just 4 months. Where as Samsung have less platters in HDD thats why its 30% faster than other HDD.
  16. Really such a pain. I m lucky never get caught in this situation.
  17. I m looking to buy within range of Rs.12000. Currently using Nvidia Geforce 8400GS produce too much sound that irritates me.
  18. I need a silent graphics card For My Pc. Having low power consumption as I only Have 750 Watt Smps And i need some cheap DDR III memory 1600 Mhz of any Brand.
  19. Actually there is no x64 source. This is the x86 version. Registry Entries and Program Folders are Different in x64 Architecture for 32 bit programs. Thats why this addon come into presence. Latest Build For Vlc Player is 1.0.3 RC1. This is the Changelog For 1.0.3 Rc1 over 1.0.2. New addon release is postponed till 1.0.3 Final Build. #Video outputs: * Fix video quality when resizing the video on Windows Vista and 7, due to regressions in most popular drivers * New deinterlacers modules based on yadif and yadif(x2) algorithms #Decoders: * Windows version supports now natively the WMA Professional codec, as it didn't work in the packaged version of 1.0.2 * Fix downmixing of particual 4.0 AC-3 audio tracks #Encoders: * x264 has profile-limitter, like: #transcode{vcodec=h264,venc=x264{profile=baseline,level=12}..} #Input: * Update for appletrailers lua script * Fixes on the RAR stream filter * Fix for E-AC3 in ATSC/TS streams * Various fixes for v4l and v4l2 #Service discovery: * New udev module for linux #Qt4 interface: * Fixes on the playlist and the stream output panels #Translations: * Russian, Korean, Ukrainian, French, Polish, Slovak and Galician updates Changes From Build 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 # Decoders: * Native support for WMA Professional, without the use of the Win32 dlls * Fix issues in subtitles, especially SSA ones * Various fixes on theora and ogg # Demuxers: * Various fixes for EPG support in MPEG-TS demuxer * Fixes for potential stack overflow in .avi, .mp4 and .asf demuxers # Access: * Fixes for v4l2 devices * Fixes for dvb-c channels-scanning # Qt Interface: * Fix some playlist sorting issues # Mac OS X Interface: * Fixed a crash when updating VLC * Fixed a crash related to QTKit when opening video files (10.6 only) * Added the ability to play 2nd media in sync to the primary item (input-slave) * Added the "Quit after Playback" feature # Mac OS X Port: * The "Delete Preferences" script is now delivered as a Universal Binary with native code for PowerPC, Intel and Intel 64bit * Full 64bit runtime compatibility on both Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 - no support for Goom and SDL - limited text rendering support - This port is still considered as EXPERIMENTAL despite its binary release. # Encoders: * MPEG2 transrate stream output removed * x264 default-values closer to x264.exe defaults. * x264 rc-behaviour fixes: - if user defines qp-value, CQP-mode is used - otherwise if user defines vb=0, CRF-mode is used - otherwise ABR-mode is used * x264 set vbv-bufsize/vbv-maxsize better if user hasn't defined these: - ABR mode set vbv-max-bitrate=bitrate - vbv-bufsize is bitrate * seconds between keyframes (keyint/fps) # Playlist: * Lua scripts for Mpora and Vimeo playback # Unix builds: * Various fixes to enable 1.0 to build on Solaris and OpenBSD # Translations: * New Kazakh and Croatian translations * Lithunanian translation is available on Windows * Galician, Korean, Nepali, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Brazilian, Arabic and French translation updates
  20. Just try this out. This is GUI version for DISM tool. DISMTOOL.7z
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