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  1. PerfectDisk is very good but not free. Used v9 and v10. Defraggler is very slow, Auslogics, the one i use now, is fast but don't have all the features of PerfectDisk like offline defrag and unattended (automatic) defrag.
  2. Sorry, i will edit my post to remove the quote. Can you be more explicit ?
  3. Had the same message with x64 integration. No message on x86. Legolash2o, have you seen my message in the request subforum ? Translated names of Win7 edition You don't need to add the correct names for each languages, just to keep them instead of using the default enflish ones.
  4. Hi Legolash2o, First, thanks for your tools! I'm new to Win7 Toolkit, but i already have a request/suggestion: Can you add/keep the correct foreign names of the different Win7 edition ? I explain: i have made a Aio (x86/x64) DVD, and all the names are in English (my Win7 is in French) I had followed this tuto earlier: http://forums.overcl....php?t=18040679 and all edition had the name in French. Because an image is better than words, here what i mean: W7T behavior: Expected behavior: Regards.
  5. Hi mona, First, thank you for your contribution, personaly i don't like this layout, but it's a matter of choice. About your reg files: addressbar disabled breadcrumbs, tolbar does the job, but restore disabled breadcrumbs again and broked autologon (i have to choose user despite the fact i have only admin account!) Glad i have tested it in VirtualBox. I really don't mind that you've added it to your pack, but next time, ask first by courtesy. kels and dougie: thank you for defending my (our) work Regards.
  6. I confirm, even if you click cancel you will have an another instance created.
  7. maj des utilitaires dans leur dernière version. Vous pouvez installer par dessus pour maj.
  8. You're welcome, thanks for the compliment Unrelated: do you have see my comment on DSI topic ?
  9. I have also updated the non-uninstallable version, now the inf and pnf files are deleted on reboot and sysoc.inf is cleaned after install. The install is flawless now. MD5: cd248071b17de01200bc1e7fa8b94980 QT AddressBar_inf_AddOn_v1.2.rar
  10. Found an other thing : - You must rename the switchless installer inside the addon with 8.3 convention. (Currently installation fails on USB installs of XP because of this)
  11. maj: meilleure désinstallation, maintenant l'addon ne laisse plus aucune trace (suppression des fichiers inf et pnf via runonce et nettoyage de sysoc.inf après installation)
  12. With the Help of ricktendo64, the inf now delete the files on next reboot. No more need to kill explorer, much better uninstall ! Still one glitch : Original XP address bar will be restored only for the user who had launched the uninstall. Other user(s) will have to manually re-enable the XP address bar after uninstall of QTAdressBar. It's a HKCU key, so i can't do better. (tried HKLM and HKCR, no go) I think it's the final version. dougiefresh: feel free to add it on your site and in first post. Also thanks to kels ! Here is the addon MD5: b7befb40e8834f461f5857530036fb6a QT AddressBar_inf_AddOn_v2.2.rar
  13. Thank you, it works great ! I will post the addon in his thread, feel free to check it ! (you are credited btw)
  14. thanks for the tip I also use these commands to delete folders [Cleanfolder] "rundll32.exe advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 ""%16420%\Assembly\GAC_MSIL\QTAddressBar""",8 "rundll32.exe advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 ""%16420%\Assembly\GAC_MSIL\Interop.SHDocVw""",8 "rundll32.exe advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 ""%16420%\Assembly\QTAddr3_v2.0.50727_32""",8 Do you know how to execute those on next reboot ?
  15. I know that, this is why i have said that tskill explorer don't work either
  16. Thanks you for the headup Kels, uninstall works now! files and folders are deleted Still few glitches: tskill explorer.exe dont work (tskill explorer neither and /f is not recognized) but TASKKILL /F /IM explorer.exe works, so at this time, uninstallation is only compatible with XP Pro Uninstall.EndPrompt don't show up, probably caused by explorer not working at this time. Maybe the best way is to delete files on next reboot, so no need to stop explorer (keep compatibility with XP Home) ? Do you know how to do that ? here is the updated adon: (you can see i have not used UnregisterDlls, not needed apparently) QT AddressBar_inf_AddOn_v2.1.rar
  17. thanks rick, uninstall works with killing explorer, but i still have some bugs, see other thread. How to do that ?
  18. Hi, inf experts! I have made an attempt to add uninstall to my QTAdressBar addon, but it fails at deleting files and folders, maybe because they are in use when uninstalling. Original post and addon is here: Can you take a look ? Thanks !!
  19. I have made an attempt to add uninstall capabilities in QTAdressBar addon. Now you can install it with right click -> install and the correct entries are added to add/remove panel but when you uninstall it fails at deleting files and folders, maybe because they are in use when uninstalling. If some inf genius can take a look.... BTW, i have checked your addon Doug_QTBar_AddOn_v2.0.7z, and uninstall don't work either. Some entries and variables are missing, and you have some weird link to TrueTransparency in uninstall Here is the addon with uninstall capabilities: QT AddressBar_inf_AddOn_v2.0.rar
  20. Waiting for curiosity, i already have one self made
  21. You don't need the original setup for everything, instead , why aren't you making a sfx switchless installer or an inf addon ? Smaller addon/setup, less work and no need to use AutoIT.
  22. Voici un addon qui regroupe plusieurs utilitaires, tous freewares et portables. Ils sont copiés dans Program Files\Utilitaires\ et des raccourcis dans le menu démarrer sont créés: Liste des programmes inclus: Pour le désinstaller supprimez simplement le dossier Program Files\Utilitaires\ ainsi que les raccourcis du menu Démarrer. MD5: 8f4715440a0f37ff48e9a061c138dc7c Taille: 10,6 mo Utilitaires_AddOn.rar
  23. Collection of 9 OpenGL screensavers from http://www.reallyslick.com/ and a direct3D one (bubbles, from Vista and 7) screenshots of openGL: MD5: 24b7836be90d1c151090d737120751f7 taille: 1,02 Mb Ecrans de veille addon.rar
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