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  1. Thank all you guys for becoming the beginning members of our community, we plan to be around for a long while and with all the members here right now, thank all of you for making WinCert a great success! We hope you will all be life long members and be here to embrace all the future successes WinCert will encounter! Lets all keep up the great success!
  2. N1K Wacky Chammomile My 2 Favs! lets not have a tie this month!
  3. once again another tie great job everyone
  4. your a cool cat now cyg sweet system! i wouldn't worry too much about trying to please that damed performance rating thing. I think it was just made by MS to make people feel bad about there computers
  5. Welcome jverga! Welcome to WinCert and enjoy your stay
  6. Moved to windows customization please post in the right place for now on
  7. those are quite nice DMHolt57 thanks for sharing
  8. I really dont think that nero 8 will be released too quick i meen nero 7.7 (which i'm using) was just approved for vista a month after it was released there more than likely will be a nero 8, but dont hold your breath
  9. for version 2 right now i got other skins to work on
  10. [changed signature divider]
  11. At the current time, my skins are not for sale, possibley in the near future i will release them to be sold, check back later
  12. right here but this should be posted in site and forum issues topic moved
  13. 6 of one half a dozen of the other i suppose
  14. Lets Give a big RA RA for Mr.McNally who turns 55 :thumbsup_anim:
  15. could you please be more specific with what you mean, because i see check boxes fine
  16. The one I've used for 3 years is Nero Vision 3, they just released version 4 and i highly recommended it, for ease of use purposes mainly. Yes, there may be better flashier ones out there, but Nero is good for the user who would actually like to understand what he's doing
  17. [Off Topic Category Fixed]
  18. @shahed - you did not mention making or requesting an addon ANYWHERE in your post, please post in the correct forum according to your posts content. Moved to Internet Security
  19. haha, i made some changes... this time its normal size
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