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  1. I wouldn't integrate all those drivers in the image. You only really need Chipset and MassStorage and probably USB3 drivers integrated, the rest can be installed after with SAD2 script.
  2. @ Rica: this is the image I was testing on and it should work as it is original Microsoft image and as you can see the other languages integrated fine, the problem was the English pack. In romanian answer: Salut. Nu cred ca e vreun avantaj intr-un sens sau altul. Pur si simplu am la dispozitie o imagine si adaug orice pachet de limba de care cred ca o sa am nevoie. Nu ar trebui sa fie nici o eroare pentru ca poti efectiv sa inlocuiesti limba din imagine adaugand una care o vrei si stergand prima limba cu care a venit imaginea. Asa a gandit Microsoft. Probabil ca la origine e imaginea en-us pe care Microsoft a convertit-o in toate limbile individual insa a lansat si limbile separat. pentru instalare ulterioara. Avand in vedere ca pot fi integrate in imagine ca si actualizare e un bonus. Bineinteles ca asta mai ocupa si spatiu dupa instalare pentru ca le ai la dispozitie si le poti schimba din control panel (doar la Ultimate) ca la un telefon, dar baniuesc ca stii deja asta. Eu am nevoie de cateva limbi pentru ca am mai multe cerinte: un frate in Germania, o sora in Austria, mama unguroaica, un prieten in Italia care toti la rândul lor mai au prieteni daca ma intelegi... @ Lego: I didn't tested the install, just what I saw in the integrated list but as I said it just quicly goes to save the image. Don't know if it has the time to actual integrate the language comparing the time that it spends on the English pack to the other languages that it integrates. Yes, as it shows the other languages it should show the English too on the integrated. I'll wait for a test build with this fixed and i'll test it again with the install in VM too.
  3. I don't know if this is a bug or is intended. When you tick one sub-preset it should automatically tick its parent-preset. A sort of dependency. As how it is now If you have a preset with more sub-presets and you only want one of the sub-presets you need to untick all what you don't need.
  4. I didn't get my hand on test 5 but in test 6 the problem still exists. I even let it single to integrate. I just goes to Saving Image after Getting Drivers List message in bottom.
  5. Just the English as you can see from the pics posted.
  6. Will you investigate this? I tried to add the English the last but still not integrated.
  7. As you requested... This is not solved in
  8. This is not solved in While I tested only with the languages from where the other items come up?
  9. This happens with this 6 files downloaded with WHD, the rest extracted OK. groove2013-kb2849958-fullfile-x86-glb.exegrooveloc2013-kb2837652-fullfile-x86-glb.exelynchelploc2013-kb2817678-fullfile-x86-glb.exelyncloc2013-kb2850057-fullfile-x86-glb.exepj2013-kb2837665-fullfile-x86-glb.exepjloc2013-kb2727085-fullfile-x86-glb.exe This files will extract correctly with the command /extract To not start another in Little things: There is enough room on the right to not push a few letters on second row on the prompt.
  10. You mean Windows 7 Home Basic? In Windows 7 Home Basic Aero is only partial supported.
  11. Unfortunately all the installers do the same. When you run it second time on top of the first installation = no Control Panel icons and if you uninstall it from Control Panel complains of RunDLL and leftovers in Program Files. The original installers if runed second time it prompts that you have the same version installed. Click OK to install again and no problems in CP with icons and uninstall. In the process as I see it runs the uninstall than a little window with some yellow comes up so briefly I can't read it is probably some warning but in the end all is OK. So the process can be implemented as both problems are related to uninstall than reinstall since the original installer can do it right. Hope this helps.
  12. On Windows 7 Ultimate Romanian x86/x64 base the English language is not integrated at all. The language is added and recognized in the list but not integrated. This is with build I don't know old this thing happen or which version works right.
  13. Stays a few seconds after start than disapears.
  14. Hi, mooms. It's too much to explain but is 100 % reproducible. Try this experiment: 1. Install latest versions by originall installers, than run your Dual installer. Error. Uninstall from Control Panel works OK. 2. Run your Dual installer than look in Control Panel, icons OK. Run the second time your Dual installer, all OK, look in Control Panel, NO icons. Now uninstall from Controll Panel, RunDLL error. Leftover in Program Files.
  15. I've processed the x86 version than I wanted to process the x64 version with All-In-One Integrator. The program shows now there is already an image mounted. In the list there are two lines: Microsoft Windows Setup (Boot.wim) and Windows 7 Ultimate. I have the option Auto Save and Unmount ticked in Options.
  16. Not just the theme, the settings too. They are ticked but not applied. You need to hit OK in Settings and allow to change only than they are applied.
  17. Thank you mooms. Seams Easy2Boot is a tool I will need to use.
  18. Now with the IE integration solved I wanted to make a disc... All was running fine but at the end I saw IE was not integrated with an red X in front and a baloon explanation about requisites. My fault as I forgot to add them to the list. :doh: Along with IE not integrated neither IE-Hyphenation and IE-Spelling was integrated with an black X in front. Only the IE Languages was integrated. (CAB file integration not EXE) So to not see this only at the end of integration, it would be very helpful to check this at the beginning. If you detect the IE for integration scan for the prereqisites and if not detected hold the process and make a note for user to add them to the list. If you consider it as a request, just say and I'll make a post in that thread pointing it out there.
  19. What happened with 1.5 branch? Did you droped it and continue all with 1.4 from now on? The new name scheme is simple. Good job.
  20. +1 for the easy edit list of apps. +1 for always install and optional check/uncheck for additional apps to install. +1 for drivers detect and install as need
  21. Sorry, I can't test it in XP. Maybe there are other users who can test it. I'm wondering why are you renaming the files in the process? Can't you just use the files with their original downloaded names? They are named according with lang code appended except the english version. Can you make it multilanguage? What if you put more languages in the binary folder? Will it pack them separately each languages or all together? If all together the installer will select the correct language for install according to system language? For the final SFX name would be nice to name it as close as possible to original name. Something like SFX_AIO_WinRAR-501xx (xx=lang code).
  22. First of all it works at least for the first intended part. I may have some trouble to achieve what I want. Using the reg to add some tweeks to standard setup it seems that aren't applied after the setup out of the box. You need to go in settings to see them (they are actually there as you set them in reg) and hit OK than it'll ask if you let the program modify the computer to make them work. The same happens with the applied theme. It is checked but not fully applied. The desktop icon remains standard instead of the theme. If you click it again (the theme) than the theme is applied. It seems to do some kind of refresh The tweeks are copied from exported settings of the program so there's no problem there. The tweeks are from Integration Tab (All checked except ISO extension) + the Theme. When you run the SFX first time the Desktop icon doesn't show up. Runing it second time on top the icon show up. As I mentioned above it seems to do some kind of a refresh. I don't know what command is issuing but maybe you or other user know about it and can be integrated in the SFX. I use Windows 7 x64 to make the SFX AIO I may have some other suggestions to improve this... Thank you.
  23. ianymaty


    Welcome. Enjoy the forum.
  24. I like you Kel just the way you are ( rude and arrogant ). You did so much for this (and not only this ) community and people that don't appreciate that, can go elsewere to fiind what they are looking for. I'm affraid they won't fiind anything better than your developed work and that's the reason why they are staying here and demand everything that's on their mind. Just look over them, do your work just the way you like it, in your own way. If you get something that's work nice for you and want to share with people we'll try it and than add feedback and new ideas maybe to improve it. Don't mind the bad people, they are everywhere, the rest of the community will support you and take care of the bad guys to defend you and your precious work and also your kind willing to just share with others what is good for you. They aren't many people like you to share his work with people virtualy unknown. I appreciate that and I'm sure that are many folks think the same. A new year is comming, think about your youngest son, he is still young and need guidance, don't let him down. I'm looking forward for your future nice work to appreciate it. Keep up!
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