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  1. This should help you http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc766228(WS.10).aspx
  2. @ kirk I think that is an option now in the latest version that adresses your problem http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12260-wintoolkitrunonceexe-wintoolkitrunonceexeconfig/
  3. You don't need to integrate any of the listed drivers from first post. I would integrate only chipset and mass storage anyway. All the rest of the drivers should go in a folder called "Drivers" in the root of the install media (Disc or USB). The Drivers folder can be placed in the root of any drive (D, E, F, G... etc. on the target computer). The drivers must be unpacked drivers not zip or exe format. If you process the integration of the updates with WinToolkit the installer will take care and install only the needed drivers for that specific computer that it finds in the Drivers folder.
  4. Any original ISO contain all the versions. Even with your initial X17-58997.iso you have exactly what's in X17-59465.iso, just compare the content and size. The slight difference is the ei.cfg file in sources folder that tells the installer which version to install. If you remove the ei.cfg file from sources folder when you install you get a prompt to chose which version to install and you can select there the Ultimate version. Another way to install Ultimate with other version iso is to modify the content of the ei.cfg file. Open it in Notepad or any text editor and change the name under the [EditionID] from whatever it is to Ultimate. Easy way is to use USB pen drive to do this. It can be done with disc also but reqiure to rebuild the bootable disc and I will not describe it now. Google it if you want. Keep in mind that the integration is done only in the image selected. So any of the images you'd use to integrate the final result is the same. Your problem was that you kept the ei.cfg so the install will default to what it's set in that file. (Windows 7 Home Premium in your situation)
  5. Hi. Please test with this versions. These are the versions (that I kept on my computer) between the bug appeared. The last that worked OK for me was https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B53xcf_9LkclRFNuWWM3Xy1LRjQ/edit The first that has the problem was https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B53xcf_9LkclQ2hJTXFsaG1hRWs/edit By testing this we could narrow down (as much as we can) for Lego to where to look for changes. As I mentioned the problem that I had was fixed with the current version but seems that other things are still happening there.
  6. Are you using the latest test version? is the current one. This is related to this problem that I had and it's fixed in latest version. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11779-language-not-integrated-solved/ Just confirm what version you used and make sure it's the latest so Lego will not chasing ghosts.
  7. Use cab OR exe. Pick only the IE you want for final. Don't forget to add the prerequisites and updates for it. I'd add WUClient.
  8. 1. The Downloader don't move the old/supersedded updates. 2. Some of the updates for Office are archived in some zip exe format. Please take a look at this and also don't forget about that Check All thing while fixing this. http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12142-solved-other-issues-with-oldsuperseded-tab/
  9. WHD pack contains ALL updates released for Windows 7 (except the superseded ones that it eliminate) while the mooms pack are just what WU offer. The difference is quite huge. WU offer a tailored pack for that speciffic computer needs. For a regular user is enough to be on the safe side. WHD is aimed for system administrators who deal with several installation per day on a wide range of computers with different speciffic needs.
  10. I still have the Check All problem in the latest v1.4.38.5.
  11. Confirm that is now fixed. Just a reminder. You said in post #12: "I will make it show on the integrated tab". There's no Language Pack shown on Integrated Tab. Thank you.
  12. There is a script made by burfadel that can automate this install. Go to this post and you'll fiind the installer in his signature. http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/19461-Windows-7-Hotfix-repository/page919?p=891589&viewfull=1#post891589
  13. OK. No Ctrl+A function available but how is this Check All thing work? It does not check all unless I select all with Shift click and tick the selection box. If right click on an item and select Check All nothing happens.
  14. Sorry, in v1.4.38.2 Check All still not function as it should. Also Ctrl+A selection don't work.
  15. Since the other topic was marked as solved I opened another one. 1. Check All / Uncheck All don't work as it should. You need to Select with Shift or Ctrl than Check All tick only those selected. That's not how it should be. Crtl+A don't work either. Note: Fixed in v1.4.38.1 2. When open Downloader it opens on New tab and the bottom message is "Please select a category..." switch to Old/Superseded tab the message is there too. Switch back to New tab the message is "No new updates". Switch again to Old/Superseded the "No new updates." message is there too. When you switch between Downloaded tab and Old.Superseded. The message is "You haven't downloaded any updates." Basically switching back and forth through the tabs the bottom message from the last tab remains on the Old/Superseded tab too. After selecting a category and after the scan it ends on Downloaded tab the message is "No new updates..." Notice the trailing dots (...). After clicking on Check for Old Updates no more messages are displayed on any tab even if select another category. Hope you understand this behaviour description.
  16. Is the Old/Superseded tab cumulative for all updates or is a bug? Whatever list (Windows or Office) I select the Old/Superseded is populated with the same files from Windows7-x86\Old folder. There are 50 files in it and is the only Old folder left in place, the others I removed them. Even after closed the program and reopened without selecting any list the tab is still populated.
  17. In the title is the correct typed. In the post is wrong typed.
  18. While I don't need this speciffic update it seems to be problematic to download it. I download all the updates even if I don't use them since there isn't a hide option for those unneeded so it is easier for me to follow an empty list. (I've made a request for hiding unneded updates that is still pending though.) KB2913087 always show in the "New" tab again and again after download for Windows7-x86 and Windows7-x64. If I manualy place the file to the respective folder than the "New" tab is clean. Does anybody have this problem?
  19. My mind is blown how enthusiast you are. :dancing: Congratulation for the approval. :prop:
  20. If I remember correctly the installer will pick up any "Driver" named folder located in the root of any drive that is connected and accessible.
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