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  1. Yes I've heard that. Should I then also upgrade to Vista/XP x64 version?
  2. That's also what the guy at some shop said Has just written to Acer about it. Boy if it can support it, it will be awesome :giveheart:
  3. No Kels, it's not dual core... and my model is some modification of the aspire 3620.. I have 3628WXLMI or something like that btw; screenie :
  4. Well thank you for your answer Luzr4life I asked also about "how to I find out" if my Mobo supports dual core? @Kels, It's the Acer Pc, I still have an old topic about it, with "upgrading" RAM questions Intel Pentium M at the moment, and I want to upgrade to... This one
  5. Hello WinCert folks! Once again, I'm thinking about upgrading my old laptop.. I found this old link in my bookmarks, where I asked a man (who sells rams and stuff for laptops), if I could upgrade something else than just RAM. Well, his answer was; You cannot upgrade GPU (probably because it's integrated with the MBO), but you CAN replace your current processor with another one, max 2.1Ghz (Again, MBO limit?) So I've been thinking about it, it's not THAT expensive, and I want some faster speed on my laptop. So I know that you guys here are good at this, so I have some questions. Well, I've asked on another "forum" about it, the guys said "Who needs an upgrade to 2.1Ghz", why don't you put Dual Core? Well, then I though about it.. Is that possible?, I have 479 Socket, And I've found a dual core proccessor on the net which I might buy. Is it hard?, I mean, don't say "Go to a shop", or "it's complicated you will brick your laptop"... I WANT to do this guys, so seriously, is it hard? (btw; I have a friend who has built own Desktop PC, and he know some stuff about CPU exchange) I HAVE taken my laptop apart down to my MBO before, so the "taking apart" part, should NOT be a problem... its more about mounting and dis-mounting.. MANY thanks In advance, I really hope that you guys can help me! :thumbsup_anim: :icon_cool:
  6. Many thanks for this one cro-man!
  7. Wow, thats awesome work Jurgen, amazing! I like the panda one too
  8. Hey Kels, whats up with the "The data is invalid" error? Doesn't this work on Vista ? :S
  9. It's from Bold's tutorial The first part, as I remember it, he made a .reg file for it
  10. I knew that master cro-man would find something, man do I love your skills! You're awesome man!
  11. Yeah, that guy is a true guru at that point
  12. Sorry, I meant that, Yes you can But as N1k says, more RAM would be good
  13. that also works at schools btw xD When you dont have access to safe mode xD
  14. Well alright, anyways thanks for trying, I will be very happy if you find something, it doesn't have to be freeware
  15. Thanks, N1k, but I was looking for something 'newer'
  16. Safe mode, then go to user accounts settings, and then find your locked user account, and THEN remove password
  17. I have VistaUltimate on this machine: 1.5GB RAM, 192 crap GFX chipset, and a SINGLE 1.73Ghz CPU
  18. alright guys, today I've bought an external numpad to my laptop.... The deal is, I work a lot in hexadecimal, is there anyway I could repoint the "-" key to "A", and so on, with the rest of the keys ? Also, is there anyway to point 'F1' to make a folder when I push it ?
  19. Hi Rick, since this thread is about FF, I would ask you about something... I have this cool "Firefly" plugin, but it's toolbar icon is so "sucky", and I would like to change it, do you know how to do that ?
  20. OLD PIMP !?, haha Congratulations guys!
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