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  1. Suggestion means both, alphabetical and folder/files. Example: FolderA FolderB FolderZ FileA FileB FileZ But exist no important cabs that should be captured?
  2. Ohoh... That means to dont compress these files, but not - dont capture. Another suggestion: - Sort the view to folder first, then files
  3. I have no idea, maybe not, maybe it need the default user stuff. Nah it was just joke, i try to reproduce sysprep's work.
  4. I found some interesting things on MDL: Own Search/Tools: Thumbs.db IconCache.db *.bak *.old *.syd *.temp *.chk *.diz Exclusions: Data.bak mplayer2.bak unpatch.bak wpa.bak sam.old system.old boot.bak bootsect.bak script.bak edb.chk mpsigstub.log fxstiffdebuglogfile.txt winstore.log install.log boot.ini index.dat What you think? *Updated
  5. Okay i can search/ask him for paypal address. He dont want it, he said he make it for fun.
  6. So cleaner can all these? /cleanup-image /startcomponentcleanup /resetbase /spsuperseded /restorehealth Folder for exceptions: %recycler% C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield Installation Information C:\Program Files\Uninstall Information
  7. Maybe add abbodi1406 in friends? Next week i give another donation. Have cashed some money last months.
  8. You can also use WHDownloader for get offline repository. (I thinks its better as updatepacks)
  9. Hey Liam, Yea title say it. Would be cool if you add please a "beta" in the name of latest builds: Example: WinToolkit_1.5.1.6_Portable -> WinToolkit_1.5.1.6_Portable_Beta greez
  10. Long ago, i have just make some edits in this setup.xml or other config.xml anything, then it was like i want it now. Nothing extra msps needed... btw for multi-install you can take a look here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12055-project-full-office-20102013/
  11. Click latest build in LegoLash2o signature, then the one on right.
  12. Yea true, but i favorite to link to the source/developers site. (Ah i can upload on mega.co.nz or P2P, no the problem, but its then not the latest version) Last time I have tried to release some Information on other forums, that more people join here, use and donate.
  13. Okay, thank you for feedback. Whats about to integrate plugins for forum-software? I seen much forums use external solutions for "upgrade" their board-system. For example the forum-search, that it works much better and all.. (This here, dunno if it standards ipb or also external, works good) Greez
  14. Thank you. "Steam Framework"? Steam you can install after System Install, WPI or Addon, support exist. Framework, if you mean Microsoft .NET, yes 3.5 and 4.5 is both already installed and ready after System install. For drivers, just the important F6 drivers are included, not the graphics drivers, cuz they too big for integrating. You can install after system install or integrate by yourself, i can release some useful links for download. It will be possible to install Aero and other themes (uxtheme patch and much more already applied) But its not standard installed, here the same you can install it by yourself, i recommend this pack: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/12434-windows-8-missed-features-installer-8mfi/ I think about to include this pack into my project, but it will be not standard installed. Greez
  15. Yea, thats really true., But you can unchoose all in install. Anyway here is a free vesion of O&O: http://www.oo-software.com/en/free And the trial goes 30 days, much time for defrag system. One time defrag hdds give a bit performance, then you can uninstall. Its need much time/move big files, thats the system need another defrag. Another smart, short and free app (not in list): https://www.piriform.com/DEFRAGGLER Not tested yet, but its from the same developers of CCleaner, so i thinkt its useful. Greez
  16. Absolute definitive: http://www.oo-software.com/en/products/oodefrag Performance increases of up to 100%Automatic background defragmentationPrevents new fragmentation from occurringEasy-to-Use: Ideal for Beginners and ProfessionalsExtends the life of your hardwareDefrags multiple drives simultaneouslyIncreases chances for recovering lost data and faster backupPower Management for NotebooksAssistant for scheduling defragmentationTRIM for SSDs of any makeAnd also remote stuff, great changeable gui, language stuff, and more...
  17. Hy NIM, Often i see in advancing edit that exist some empty line before and after the text, quotes for example. I try to remove them always, that really large the threads/posts with unneeded space. What you think about fixing? Greez
  18. Hey NIM, Alltime i try to send download link for WTK friends or post in other forums, i get feedback they cannot access. Yea that keep downloads just for members have sure reasons, maybe the traffic? Then else i would suggest to open it for all, would be cool. Greez
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