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  1. Googled "Win7AIO-SP1-x64-en-US-Baseline-v2-2" Found out your are using warez. User banned...
  2. Still waiting for the rest of the information!!! You have to help us help you!
  3. POST THESE: Name of IE11 file Name and link to usb3 driver Which Win7 version you added these to.
  4. Then you are asking for help with a illegal\warez issue and if you don't stop you will be banned...
  5. Let me list the issues i see: There are way too many spaces in the paths. Move all of the working folders and files to a root drive and have NO spaces in folder and file names. HOW was the a-i-o made? If you made it post the method. If you didn't make it stop asking for help with a illegal OS Are you POSITIVE that the IE11 and USB3 drivers are for the right architecture?
  6. Already added by what? Cheers and Regards Quite right, remember we will not help with warez versions. Asking for such help will get you banned. We will ONLY help with legal versions you got from your physical disk or a ACTUAL approved ms distributor...
  7. They were taken down due to too many people hot-linking and no-one supporting them. Everyone expects this stuff for free and we just can't keep doing it out of our own pockets.... Just remember you get what you pay for. (You paid for nothing and that's what you ended up getting)
  8. I would really like to see some screenshots and a bit better description of what it fully does. Without any of that its hardly worth downloading and fully picking through imo.
  9. then there is a ei.cfg file gumming up the works from 8.1
  10. Nope their servers are closed. No-one supported them and they kept getting hot linked so they stopped. There is NO dedicated server anymore.
  11. That would be too hard with something like wget. Be a huge pain in buttocks to get started but would be really easy to maintain.
  12. Thats not the kind of spammers we are talking about. Its the people who are paid by companies to fill lots of post with software ads and porn ads.
  13. WOW why is this disrespectful thread still open? I see no promise in the post you quote. You get what you pay for! REMEMBER Wintoolkit IS FREE!!!! He doesn't get paid for it and needs to have an actual LIFE. UNLESS you and others would just like him to do this just for you and be a e-slave? Hell none of us know he could be dead for all we know yet here you are being a dill-weed about it.... EDIT ... @pedilover Anymore blatant disrespect of lego or any other developer\staff of WinCert will net you a vacation from WinCert. Your disrespect is not going to help anyone's situation or get you your way any quicker.
  14. Updates integrate very differently to windows 7. There are very capable tools to do this. DISM, Wintoolkit and such. Plus ms has gotten very mean about redistributing files of theirs.
  15. There are some companies that have served CaD against this, msfn and ryanvm forums for sharing their softwares. We can't argue with them. A simple letter from them to adsense and the server will shut us down.
  16. I am very sorry but quicktime and itunes are on the list of undistributable software.....
  17. I would go wpi. Its easier to mantain.
  18. A few things I noticed from your pictures: Your idea of the oem folder layout and use is completely wrong http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc977168.aspx You cannot arbitrarily designate cdrom without first defining it. There are MANY apps that simply will NOT install in the method with which you seek. There just is not enough of windows and the registry available at that time.
  19. There's now news articles and document proof over here in USA showing proof of a lot of underhanded crap the nsa has been doing.
  20. Took me like 30 seconds to find...http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9154-slim-net-framework-4-full-x86x64-8-13-2013/
  21. There are a couple of features in the newest release that theoretically might work lemme research
  22. Since you're crating files can you not just have it look for the file to ensure it's existence?
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