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  1. Then why is it listed on the download page here: http://www.wintoolkit.co.uk/Home/TestBuilds/It's hard for us to test it if it says it's expired. Look at the address. It literally has test builds in it.... We know how you feel but nothing can be done until lego pops his head up.
  2. I do not understand when you say legitimate? A untouched fully legal OS from Microsoft before you modified it. If in with wintoolkit DOWNLOAD when you could download Alright that does weed out any unwarranted edits that may have been done by a third party.
  3. I do not understand when you say legitimate? A untouched fully legal OS from Microsoft before you modified it.
  4. So whats wrong with the download in the spoiler section for the tools to add your LP? There are instructions included....
  5. I would like to grab this package if someone would reup please. P.s. Hey Xanadu are you aware that saying bro to most people is insulting?
  6. Actually it does there is a error somewhere in your process the iso at the end should not be so big
  7. It does on the updated iso that Lego offers. It needs a no reboot switch.
  8. We dunno Lego is Mia and has been for a lot longer than is reasonable. I'm actually quite worried. Even the v2 tools have expired now.
  9. I'm closing this post as it is really just spam. Don't post crud like this.
  10. Sigh, really pedilover? Are you going to start this again? ?? We all have real lives and can't always pander to extremely demanding people. (Yes I mean you) You are actually starting to get very rude and annoying.
  11. Then use ntlite. They are made by different authors and this one thinks it should be in pro only. Makes sense too because most users deal with wim files not esd.
  12. Is that a genuine windows 10 image your working with?
  13. Make one file and inject the key into each windows version contained in the wim
  14. I will never officially support windows 10 after reading the eula. Reputedly from others however it does work. I would prefer donations of $5 or more (if you donate more you'll get future support releases also) if you can't afford that pm me and we can discuss it.
  15. This is just way beyond your skill you must first learn to mount a wim image.
  16. Mount each image and place the file at the root of each mount. Unmount that image and mount the next one. Redo steps one and two. Repeat all 16 times or however many needed. ..
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