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  1. Just sent you few £**. Hope it will help and we'll get soon a Win Toolkit version without any bugs. Ziggy played guitar.... So did Mick Ronson, from Hull. All the best
  2. Yeah, great! Works for me too so far with VMware! Will try later on a real install! THANKS a lot Kels
  3. Coool! I'm gonna try it tomorrow and hope VMware will not playing some dirty game with me too! THANKS A LOT KELSENELLENELVIAN!
  4. Ken@fri, verifie ton Pack Utilitaires de Monitoring Lite [16.05.2009] sur le site http://forum.upd.fr/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=550. Le fichier est corrompu :confused02: ! !Echec CRC dans XMntor05.exe. Le fichier est corrompu !Echec CRC dans XMntor08.exe. Le fichier est corrompu !Echec CRC dans Xtr3mRes.dll. Le fichier est corrompu En attendant je les ai remplac
  5. I agree that NOD32 is the best after using Kaspersky since version 3.5! Since 3 month Nod32 is on my machine (it was only to test it), have no problem and XP is booting great! 5 STARS in every way! :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Yeah, they're just a bunch of douchebag! I'm glad I use Mailwasher Pro to eradicate those spams!
  7. Les addons dispo ici sont issus des versions Lite & Micro (build Salut Ken@fri et bravo :prop: pour ton taff, si tu peux faire une update se serait super car sur updatepack.nl la build est pass
  8. Okay, thanks for having clear that situation. The rest works perfect! Ah, one more thing, do edit your post again on the first page, you left "Firefox Addon Maker v0.604" above the "Download" :doh: button. Stay cool and fresh
  9. Ok Jonnyboy, thanks for that quick answer. I openned the task manager for mshtml.exe like you said but didn't find it. So now what I did was to click on "JonnyboysTools.hta" then had the windows to start creating the addon! Strange isn't it? Anyway, have to go to make few unattend XP tonight and thanks again for your kindness. All the best, the courageous cat
  10. Hi JonnyBoy, don't know what's goin'on but when launching the exe from my desk, got only the Bin file and the JonnyboysTools.hta thing then wait ..... Then nothing's happening. Any idea? Also seems like very difficult to download the exe from the link you add. Thanks to let us know and all the best.
  11. Pfuii, no time for a break or what? New version: Shockwave Player available! Good luck and keep up the good work. :thumbsup_anim:
  12. Hi Rick, many thanks for your advice. I was already warned about the Shell32 problem 'cause it happened to me 2 years ago. The one I use is 18,3 Mo and had trouble when it was up to 19 Mo. I suppose my Syssetup.dll was patched I guess except if Nlite didn't do it at the time for some reason... **** happens sometimes. Have to go now and thanks again, it's always a great pleasure to read from you.
  13. Hi Folks, recently had problems trying to create an XP SP3 unattend CD and had a code error 800b0100 all the time at 39 minutes with a rebooting loop! Thought it was an addon fault or trying to integrate IE8 but after few days of research I found out why. I'm using Nlite to slipstream my stuff then add my own modified Cpl, Bmp, Exe and Dll files right after. The nasty one was my "Syssetup.dll" who had different icons resolution than the original ones. Used "Resource Hacker" to compare, extracted every resources, modified the 15 different Icon Group to match the same resolution as the originals with "IconWorkshop" then reinjected them and got everythings working fine. So Syssetup Bitmaps and Avi files were modified too but it was only the Icon Group resource who did mess up my installation. I saw different error 800b0100 when googled it and none of them as to do with this problem so that's why I opened this topic... Hope it will help someone!
  14. Hey, had the same problem trying to create the French addon as Picelec! No Svcpack folder at all! Strange thing is that it worked with the first version of the addon creator then didn't with the new version. Back to the first edition didn't work either, strange. I'll test your OnePiece IE8 WinXPSP3 AddOn FRA Updated (March 30-2009) as soon as possible. anyway, thanks again for your time and work!!!
  15. Hi Gorki, back on the track. Tested and works perfectly after few hours. Sorry about saying your addon was probably the trouble. In fact it was generated by IE8! Back to IE7 and my fresh XP install works in Vmware! Thanks again for your great work, effort and taking time to reply. "Sutra bit će bolje"
  16. Hey Jonnyboy, thanks a lot! The only thing is that Firefox is now on version 3.0.8. Does it matter for you and us or not? LINK: http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/mozilla.org/fire...tup%203.0.8.exe Take care.
  17. Hello Gorki, thanks for your reply. I didn't test all the addons one by one as I remember having a similar problem with the HashTab addon few days before. Just didn't add your and everything's works again. Only one thing I didn't try yet is to add my modified Bmp, Dll, Cpl, Exe and Msc files that I've modified by myself after a Nlite operation but will make it soon 'cause the trouble happened at the same time. Was too busy to get rid of that damn Wga notification asking me to download KB905474 after a fresh install so didn't change a thing from there. I'll try to add your addon with all the other first then see what's goin' on. I'll let you know... Bok
  18. Okay, Me again, tutto bene, u redu, works great, marche impeccable! Hvala puno!!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  19. Okay, un grand merci pour tout! Cela m'a pris m
  20. Bok Gorki! Still have the same problem using your addon with Nlite. Start a Vmware install and it stops at the very begining (39 mn) with error 800b0100!!! Any idea? Dobro, idem spat, laku noć... :sleeping_03anim:
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