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  1. mona is right logoff/shutdown dialog images are in shell32.dll and msgina.dll as bitmaps.

    You can replace it with tools like resource hacker or resource tuner or restorator.

    be sure you turn Windows file protection off , other wise you won't be able to replace windows file.

  2. i have finally finished my new smf theme named ( enhanced blue) . it have all new famfamfam icons and it is fully working in smf. I have also edited some icons to use it in smf.

    it look like this :


    this theme is being used here. I was thinking it making publicly available but the original author didnot allow me to do so, so released just icons you can get it here. If you need this theme you can contact me i will give this theme to you for free.

  3. hi guyz i am currently making a new smf v2 theme. Since i am a bit new to smf i need some help in editing css . I have already made new graphics & replaced old icons with new icons. If some one is interested please reply me.

    so far it is finished around 70% , it's demo is available here : smf.66ghz.com

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