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  1. I read in internet that bittorrent is not safe to use. it have these explanation why bittorrent is not safe.

    Bitcomet is double packed by the packer commonly known as the Aspack with it's CRC been packed independently by morphine! Now once you have it's binaries in the memory; the virri code expands itself and begins to open the socket sending the TCP_ACK and TCP_SYN packets! aaw! now one may think that would be the regular action of a torrent! Sending and Receiving the independent datagrams are done in default by any of the applets that are web-synchronized! Now what seems interesting is the port that opens while the normal torrent does play and the port that is open if your system has been infested by the trojan! Chesus! these are evil; aren't they..?

    So is bitorrent unsafe to use ? or it just some false alarm. i have been using it about a year i haven't got any virus nor got hacked.

  2. I am glad to release the 2nd version of 7zip ultimate. Default icon of 7zip is very old for current os so i decided to redesign 7zip. I have tried to eliminate all the error that were seen in previous version. Most of images(about,sfx) & icons(file type,7zip sfx) are designed by me except Toolbar icons and 7zip program icon.

    Screen shot > 7zip_Ultimate_2nd_Edition_by_pri2sh.jpg


    >New toolbar icons "KDE Oxygen 1.0" made by Luke Channings.

    >Redesigned SFX dialog with support for xp themes

    >Brand new SFX icon made by me .

    >New 7zip icon, (found it on google, forgot who made it)

    >Corrected file type icon with transparency support.

    And some minor changes.

    File type icons screenshots are available here

    Installation Instruction:

    Just overwrite the existing 7zip file with the files present in archive. In order to experience the change in file icon you may need to log-off.

    This is modified version of 7-Zip 4.65. Only UI were changed, working process is same as of 7-Zip 4.65.

    Download 7zip Ultimate

    thank u, hoping for suggestions and comment

    Source: http://techmasher.co...dified-edition/

  3. Now XP is really old, most of have vista or 7 in their PC. I was thinking of making XP Transformation Pack and later i thought it is will be useless because most of have vista or 7 so what i am thinking is, making Windows 7 Replacement(my previous win7 based transformation pack for xp) open source. I believe its working process is same in Vista as well as 7 only file to be modified is different and 256x256 px icon is needed. If it's code is made open source interested can make their own transformation pack instead of distributing modified dll & exe file which caused lots of system incompatibility.

    I need your opinion on this. If it is made open source many will involve on it and make it better.

    My transformation pack is totally based on batch codes so i guess it is not that hard.

    Thing that this transformation pack lack is professional Installer UI & totally incompatible in 64bit OS.

    Waiting for your replies and suggestions

    Thank you!

    [ do not go for my english it is not good, sorry for any confusion due to my language ]

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