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  1. o thanks, for security i think i have to switch to utorent
  2. if you want easier way you can try stardock Windowblind
  3. I read in internet that bittorrent is not safe to use. it have these explanation why bittorrent is not safe. So is bitorrent unsafe to use ? or it just some false alarm. i have been using it about a year i haven't got any virus nor got hacked.
  4. ^ does that software really work ? sorry to hear that you are one of the victim of database leak. i also want to test it. Haven't you assigned alternative email ?
  5. this game is fun but pressing f5 is really uneasy and you will surely miss some strings.
  6. i found this one funny > i have attached psd so that interested one can improve it . it also have font i used.
  7. it was wonderful software, does 7 app run on vista ? i think he should have made that project open source before leaving
  8. thanks n1k, If n1k think it is necessary to move it i will do it.
  9. here is 1 i made, it is in png and text will be visible in dark background , it will look like this in dark
  10. This forum use IP board software( its not free) if you want this kind of system you can use SMF and bridge it with cms software or install Tiny portal in smf . If you want to use mybb use Advance portal plugin.
  11. this new theme great. But i think this skin is not compatible with Firefox (i m using 3.5.3) and got this > but was perfect in chrome.
  12. this is really nice tool, small but with lots of features.i liked it.
  13. I am glad to release the 2nd version of 7zip ultimate. Default icon of 7zip is very old for current os so i decided to redesign 7zip. I have tried to eliminate all the error that were seen in previous version. Most of images(about,sfx) & icons(file type,7zip sfx) are designed by me except Toolbar icons and 7zip program icon. Screen shot > Changes >New toolbar icons "KDE Oxygen 1.0" made by Luke Channings. >Redesigned SFX dialog with support for xp themes >Brand new SFX icon made by me . >New 7zip icon, (found it on google, forgot who made it) >Corrected file type icon with transparency support. And some minor changes. File type icons screenshots are available here Installation Instruction: Just overwrite the existing 7zip file with the files present in archive. In order to experience the change in file icon you may need to log-off. This is modified version of 7-Zip 4.65. Only UI were changed, working process is same as of 7-Zip 4.65. Download 7zip Ultimate thank u, hoping for suggestions and comment Source: http://techmasher.co...dified-edition/
  14. @wolf look great, it will look great if u move that orb near Wincert
  15. I will also give a try, that globe is compulsory or optional ?
  16. however 7 will also have it's icons, images, in dll file.. so i think it can be modified using same code, however file to be modified will be different and we have to know about which file is used for which resource and also find out those dialogs
  17. Now XP is really old, most of have vista or 7 in their PC. I was thinking of making XP Transformation Pack and later i thought it is will be useless because most of have vista or 7 so what i am thinking is, making Windows 7 Replacement(my previous win7 based transformation pack for xp) open source. I believe its working process is same in Vista as well as 7 only file to be modified is different and 256x256 px icon is needed. If it's code is made open source interested can make their own transformation pack instead of distributing modified dll & exe file which caused lots of system incompatibility. I need your opinion on this. If it is made open source many will involve on it and make it better. My transformation pack is totally based on batch codes so i guess it is not that hard. Thing that this transformation pack lack is professional Installer UI & totally incompatible in 64bit OS. Waiting for your replies and suggestions Thank you! [ do not go for my english it is not good, sorry for any confusion due to my language ]
  18. it is safe to use tuneup to change boot screen
  19. Nice theme, looks really nice.. and match perfectly with wallpaper
  20. lol animation was simple but story line is good and funny
  21. there was also news that new owner is going to remove all illegal file , which i think will never happen. If this happen then its sure pirate bay will sink
  22. pri2sh

    VTP 9.1

    may be wfp is not letting u to modify theme
  23. its funny.. but i still use PC for games .
  24. nice site, i also liked the avtars present there.. here is one funny avtar i found in net
  25. nice wallpaper, i donot see much bad side of this wallpaper.. great job
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