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  1. thks for replies , I am thinking of learning vector art.. currently i am bit bust after some week i will start to learn vector art
  2. this theme is better, however i miss the quick login box.
  3. I have very weird problem in FB.. My profile doesnot open if that person is not logged in. My profile address is http://www.facebook.com/pri2sh , it donot open if you r not logged in facebook, if you log in and open my profile it will appear. Ithink information is not shared when privacy is high and gives message""You must log in to see this page". But in my profile, message appears telling "Profile not found". here is screenshot of my settings. http://i30.tinypic.com/2dk0r9y.jpg http://i28.tinypic.com/24lu1bn.jpg
  4. i think owner want collect some donation.. they should know that microsoft is dominant cuz they r good abd every 1 use it.
  5. Found a site called Windows7sins.org and it was explaining bad sides of windows 7the author of that website had included following sins or windows 7 ( explanation is in website) . Education DRM Security Standards Monopoly Lock-in Privacy microsoft do have domination is OS like Google have in internet
  6. wow 19$ is really cheap.. 19$ for Latest OS unbelievable !
  7. useful info legend95. i recommend using tool called nlite i will make much easy in editing xp cd.. as he have said most of file are in cab archive .
  8. my cpu & mother board is a bit old i think of 2004 and it is 2ghz.. there was some setting about cpu clock and i increased it to 120 from 100 it increased GHZ from 2 to 2.10 but i did not find any change.
  9. nice trick. will use it.. i think it is better than changin estention
  10. I have read some where in internet about over clocking and it improve performance also.. so does any 1 here know how to over clock my cpu ? and is it safe, disadvantages ?
  11. I have used it. It's youtube downloader do not work for me.. and design is also confusing.
  12. bill gate with ubuntu is photoshoped image but not sure about 2nd .1here is another this one is with sign..
  13. Is it true bill gates use linux . Just look at these images. Don't know why he use linux when he own windows.. its like Pepsi manufacturer driinking Coco Cola
  14. seems great.. hope it will finish soon.. add some windows 7 look if applicable
  15. In my opinion current template is for higher resolution . higher than 1024x768
  16. in my opinion red colour for deleting item will look weird.. it is better to keep blue .
  17. try this >> http://www.wikihow.com/Reset-a-Windows-Vista-Password may help u
  18. i have earned little money via designing blog for some guyz.. and now i am trying to get good project from freelancing site.. since i am not good on these stuff i have not done till now.. but i am earning some money frm ptc sites.. and i will buy domain name when i got enough money
  19. there is one microsoft tool for wlm called theme builder extra.. has any one tried it??
  20. U can join teaching ( school or tution class) profession..most of do that in my country.. And if u know programming , designing etc then u can work as freelancer online..
  21. Google doesnot allow editing adsense code ( read their ToS).. why i need to change it to html ?? since u are using wordpress u can search for some adsense plugin.
  22. nice info . I think Resource tuner is also a useful tool after Res Hacker and Resource tuner can also view png images in file
  23. there are lots of contless scam site in internet.. some site that search for scam are http://moneybeep.blogspot.com/search/label/Scam%20Sites http://www.squidoo.com/ptc-scam-list etc etc..
  24. i mostly use firefox but recently i am using chrome .. ui very simple. and it is faster than ff and is more stable than ff3.5.2 .. it would be better if it would have supported addons
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