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I'm very close to having all the bugs fixed, so here is what i need you to do.


  1. If you have reported a bug but it still hasn't been fixed and give that topic a 'bump' and any extra details will be helpful.
  2. If you haven't reported a bug and it still appears, then make a new topic and report it. I can't fix a bug i don't know about.


  1. Check the 'Requests' forum and the topics within that and 'bump' the requests you would like to see implemented first. However don't bump your own topics (cheating :P ) and DO NOT bump the 'Tweaks' or 'Removing Components' request thread as they will be done towards the end.
  2. Feel free to put your input / ideas into those threads i.e. how you would like that specific feature added.

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It's great somebody else bumped my thread, and I've also edited my sub-request for that. My opinion is that the new Online Driver Installer request is the only big feature that really needs adding. XP images can have such a feature with driverpack's tool for xp, windows 7 images cannot. So Lego to the rescue! :)

And tweaks adding... also eagerly waiting for those, before removing components. :)

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