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Win Toolkit v1.5.0.1 Release?



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  1. 1. Do you think I should release v1.5.0.1

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Sorry for the late response... end of year stuff is killing me at work... YES YES YES it seems to be working perfectly  :beerchug: THANKS this really meant a lot to me due to the way I managed things... again THANKS



That issue is now fixed, compstuff, no?


Lego, so the latest version is now on the 1.4 numbering scheme? It's confusing... 1.5 just got final, but named 1.4?

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From what I can tell, they both have the same fixes applied, but the 1.5 thread has some additional features that the 1.4 doesn't. Cheers and Regards

Thanks bphlpt, at least you figured out that much.  I hope Legolash2o can simplify the confusion in the future.

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1.4.1 is newer than the beta, which is why they have been removed.

Is v1.5.0.1 considered beta?  If it is, then I would also assume that the "Check for Updates" button is currently wrong saying that I am using the latest version?

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