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I tested now Test10 and I got another error with those three .cab-updates (WUClient_SelfUpdate, McRip)


Integration stops on yellow with the error

21crtvruvrx.jpg and
If I delete this update and start again it repeats for the other 2.
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I have tried test12 with Win 7 SP1 Pro german x86.

I used in AIO a preset builded with 141_10. The preset was loaded but after finishing Addons and Updates for Windows are not listed.

I tried to add them but the .wa was skipped as invalid, also the Updates (strange all 118 are invalid :sad01_anim: ).

Temp was set to C:\Temp\Wintoolkit_Temp, Mount was set to D:\WinToolkit_Mount


For testing I rerun 141_10 with same Setting as above described and all worked, nothing invalid.

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KB2533552 isn't supposed to be integrated, but moved automatically to silent installer area by Win Toolkit (not integratable update).


with KB971033 there is also another long story, although looks like a vista update for DISM, it's a windows 7 update, so Lego did some magic at some point aka rules in the app to integrate it properly.


Lego, so all the mini-rules were deleted from the code now with the code refactoring? Hope not...

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I can confirm the issue.


The oldest version I have is and with this version too is KB2533552 NOT going automatically to "Silent-Install", the same error (not compatible) comes; I have to put it manually in the "Silent-Install".

But it will be downloaded by Windows Update anyway after installation, no matter if the patch has been installed or not.


For KB971033 no issue, it will be integrated, but it will be automatically downloaded and installed on enabling update for other MS-products.


Regards, Thiersee

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