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Office updates


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I wonder if you can do a little automatization on sorting Office updates.


As you already noticed there are some language dependent updates and some independent.


Can you make the downloader to group the dependent updates in each his language folder?


So the folder structure would be:

- McRip Office 2010 Post-SP1 x86

      - 00 - x-none

      - en-us

      - fr-fr

      - ro-ro

      - etc.


Than make an option (probably in the settings somwhere) to show/download only the selected languages.


That would solve some problems


1. save space on hard drive (If you don't need some language than don't download at all)

2. save bandwidth

3. no need to tick one by one your language dependent updates to download

4. no need to select one by one your language dependent updates to copy to Updates folder

5. not showing updates to download for other languages that you untick/don't download anyway

6. there be more others, maybe...


Now I understand that you rely on how they are listed/stored on the server but I think you can make it to scan the subfolders to compare what's already downloaded. Maybe a talk with McRip for a rearange on the server if needed or he wants it? I don't know...


Any other uesfull thoughts could be added to this request by anyone to make it more friendly.



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I'm planning to do that. But at the moment I am very, very busy.


Also, what about office 2013 updates in wintoolkit?


I would add 2013, but I can't find the PM you sent me with the details. A lot of users tend to message me rather than write in the forum about their issues. So naturally I get lots of messages.

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