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No instalation of silent installer...


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Hello Lego... excuse my english... i'm from Colombia and I'm not used to write in English. So I'm with the help of google translator :blush:


Well, my problem is that I'm doing the AIO Windows 7 both x86 and x64 and I could integrate the updates but some silent installers will not do it ... is the case. net framework 4.0 client profile and updates, and the update patch Visual C + + 2008. The ones when installed is apparently silverlight. I'm sending you the image of the facility (in Spanish) missing to be installed from the disc, and also the silent installation configuration. I hope I clarified the doubt ... and again sorry for my English ...



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.net 4 is known to have problems installing during setup and the reason you get prompted to download visual c++ is because you are probably using the newest version but Windows Update does not recognize this, it will prompt you to download and install the older version

My visual c++ installers have a fix for this, and you should also move to .net 4.5 (I have a updated installer of this, also a intl one with a spanish language pack) which may not be as problematic


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