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Asus P5QPL-AM Audio


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According to the user manual this motherboard have Realtek ALC887 audio codec which supports 7.1 or 8 channel audio. But in the ASUS site and in the manual it says  it supports only 5.1 or 6 channel audio


I have now a 2.1 system and plans to upgrade to a 5.1 or 7.1. The MB have three 3.5mm at the back (green pink and blue) and 2  at the front(green and pink)


I changed the speaker configuration to 5.1 in the Realtek HD audio manager. Now the 3 back panel jacks act as the audio out. When it is set to 7.1 the 3 back panel jacks and the front headset jack (the green one)acts as the audio out. I tested it with plugging my speaker cable to all the jacks.


So the motherboard can support 7.1 audio. Then why it says 5.1 channel audio all over place.

The ALC887 support S/PIDF digital out, but there is no SPDIF port. In the manual it says

 SPDIF module is purchased separately but I couldn't find one anywhere 


There is no additional sound cards or junk like that except the onboard audio on my motherboard.





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