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Firefox SFX Maker 5.5


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Here is a batch that will download Firefox in the language & version of your choice and create custom switchless installer.

Available options:

  • Choose Firefox language
  • Choose Firefox version or use latest (stable, beta, esr, dev, nightly) available
  • Make Firefox the default browser
  • Add custom profile with extensions & customizations (a sample profile is provided)
  • Keep or delete Desktop icon
  • Create nLite/RVMi AddOn
  • Make x86, x64, or AIO installer.


How-to use:

  • - Extract the content of the archive in a work folder.
  • - Run Firefox_SFX_Maker.cmd
  • - You can skip one or more questions, see the readme file.


The created SFX installers are made in the output folder.


SHA-1: 2bb1a9eec6a000683acb24428a7ab9b80ecb3472
Size: 10.5 MB

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Try to modify the url and filenames in the script, but I don't know how the Waterfox installer is made, so I'm not sure it will works.
It should works with this one otherwise (Firefox Aurora 64 bits) (change to your desired language)

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Yes, you can add a complete profile with a slightly modified script


I have made a v2.2 a long time ago that can do that, but it need a rewrite to be more user friendly.


I also made a tutorial (in French) here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/11041-cr%C3%A9er-un-addoninstallateur-dextensions-pour-firefox/

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Updated the script to v3.



- You can choose which version you want to use (latest, specified, 32, 64)

- Added an option to make Firefox the default browser when the SFX is executed.

-  The creation of the RVMi/nLite AddOn is now optional.

- You can add your own extensions.

- The desktop icon is now deleted

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Updated again.

Version 3.1:



- Corrected a mistake in the default browser config file: now it works with X64 as well (you can even install x86 Firefox on x64 Windows).

- Added  x86 & x64 in the filename to differentiate the SFX

- Updated the extensions, you can test it with setting ext=1


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