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[Solved] Lollipop Malware


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Hello all,


Even i choose not to install the offered thingies during setup, i still got a lollipop.exe after the install. As you know, this is a malware.


I am not against anyone making money with his free software but at least put a warning info and stay away from shady distribution methods. 

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The installer is just an experiment. Fortunately I do provide the 7z file where you don't have to install Win Toolkit at all.


Thanks for the info though. Made a note of it :)


UPDATE 1: Reported it. I also asked if it can only show specific software such as Chrome, Firefox, CrapCleaner, etc..

UPDATE 2: They've seen the message but no reply as of yet.

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@Liam, Does using the installer offer any advantage, for either you or the user, over the 7z files?  I'm curious why you decided to offer the installer, besides experimenting with how it works.


Cheers and Regards

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The only advantage is that I get paid when someone installs an offer. Apart from that, it's pointless and I don't see myself keeping it even if I do get paid. If i'm completely honest, I hate the software it offers and if I could have my own way it would offer useful programs such as Chrome, Firefox, CrapCleaner, Java, useful stuff. So that's the big reason that I wont end up keeping it.


It offers to install toolbars and I HATE toolbars with a passion. The only reason it's still up is because I said to someone that I would try it. If you have some spare time please, and i mean PLEASE search the internet for installers that DO offer chrome, etc.. 

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