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[Solved] Is Anyone Else Having A Problem With A Default Theme?


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I have been using WTK for about 3 weeks now and I have yet been able to get my theme to be the default theme in my custom iso install. I always wind up with the Microsoft blue background standard theme. The custom theme I use is on my computer. I download a Microsoft places and landscapes theme named sunsets. I then make changes to that them such as random, 10 minutes, bold icon and menu fonts and no screensaver. I then save the theme on my computer. In WTK I load that theme and make it the default (BOLD). But it never defaults. Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?


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lego as I write I am using v.21. I just got a new message "value installtheme exists, overwiite (y) (n)." I said Y. Then another "valuetheme exists, overwrite (y) (n)." I said Y. I'll wait till office installs and let you know what happens with the theme.

Is there a way to eliminate the need for an answer to these 2 questions? assuming this works if I have a theme to be installed as default shouldn't WTK know this and just do the overwrite? Why the prompt(s)?


well guess what. Not the desired result but now just the plain vanilla blue background instead of the sunsets theme. At least something changed. I was getting the blue windows 7 aero theme before this. should I have answered no to those questions?

ps..v.21 knocked over 2 minutes off my creation time. Its definitely faster!

I just answered NO to both questions. same results.

hmmm do I answer one Yes and the other no and vice-versa? then 2 more vm's to try..


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cool, on the prompt removal. but any ideas on why she doesn't come up as the default theme? if its working for you it must be something in my integrations or removals, silent installs etc that is preventing its defaulting. as I said the theme is in the installed theme category when you go to personalize, it just doesn't become the default theme unless I then click on it...


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Yes Sir, I've one :sad02: ....


With no default theme has been set, only installed, and I had to set it manually;

with 1.5.0.Test17 NO ISSUE!


Absolutely the same ISO and same INI, default theme is "Siena Architettura":



Some screenshots:, after installation (VirtualBox):

1.5.0.Test17, after installation (VirtualBox):




Regards, Thiersee

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