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The source code for WinToolkit can be found below:

WinToolkit v1: https://github.com/Legolash2o/WinToolkit_v1

Sorry for the rubbish code for v1. It was written when I first start C# and did not fully know about proper object oriented programming.

The topic for WTK v2 source code can be found here.


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I prepared a file on a USB key containing all W7 updates, and among the integrated KB, one of them was moved to silent installer tab.

it appears that this specific one was not uploaded when doing the install using this  USB key. same issue with the firefox setup .exe I added at the same place in win toolkit. my impression is that the path starting "DVD%:" is not identified during installation phase . may be because I am using USB instead of a DVD , on a PC where there is no DVD reader. 

any idea/advice ?

kind regards


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I've created a fork to add a possibility in the component remover for filter the visible components and import the components list, that you was able to export already before in the context menu.

So for example, you are not happy with your first try of customizing a iso, but you want to create almost the same again, just without removing some urgently windows components too much:

  • Mount the custom Iso
  • export in the component remover the component list as a txt-file
  • mount the original iso
  • press SelectAll
  • Submenu "Unselect" > Import ComponentList - chose the txt-file
  • (the exact-function takes also care for the package name (including version), the other only for the name in the first column)
  • after this you're at the same point, as before you confirmed to remove components on your first try, without reviewing again 700 entries of components.

github Fork

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