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[Release] V'ISO b8.2.2 (Last)


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Sorry found a MAJOR bug in Beta 3... Fixing it now

Great pack !!! I probably would have to say this is the best one I have seen so far, I edit where needed for personal preference.

I am just curious did you fix this major bug in beta 3



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Sorry for beta 3 users if I caused a SXS error on your build, I found out the hard way you cannot patch any files in the ASMS folders, not even if you patch SFC.dll. I am working on a addon that will compliment V'ISO and patch this bitmap thats left over (that was the cause of all the fus).


Beta 4 is up

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I just thought I would mention this because I am not sure if it is suppose to happen, well when patching files it says invalid parameter, type modify PE to get help

Just letting you know

Take care


PS. I am really loving this work you have done, a gripe I do have, I will post later.

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Which file deals with this window ??


I am on a micro PC and I have the DPI higher than windows default, hence the messed up window. Do you have any idea's how I would fix this ? does that Vista animation change sizes in Vista when the DPI is changed .. I will see


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Firstly I like to say your work is very impressive and I love it. I appreciate all the time and effort you are spending with this goody and like to thank you for it.

One thing I have learn during my little XP-Vista Look & Feel project is NEVER USE MICROSOFT VIRTUAL PC FOR TESTING, the little S@#$%KER will sometimes not let you run the image for whatever the reason.

I do have a question; what are the things you have use to get your screen look like vista. I have try many different options but I never get it the same way like yours or have you use a screen shoot of the original Vista?

Please tell us, me how you done it.

I got it the way I like it.

http://img2.freeimagehosting.net/image.php?9044dedaa1.jpg" target="_blank">wincert-screenshots-button.png

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Great !

I do like the current transfer window, though the new one looks nice as well. I do have a problem, when I turn up the DPI setting on my micropc the avi .. vista's file transfer.. it only stretches approx 3/4 across the window, do you how I could fix this ?

Thanks, I will try out beta 5 soon :)

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Yes but it would take quite a bit of editing

You can edit this yourself you know, just right click the V'ISO_*.exe and open it in WinRAR.

Then you extract the Resources folder (drag and drop)

Then use a program such as Restorator to open and edit all the *.res files to modify/delete the AVI's and BMP's

Then drag and drop the Resources folder back into the V'ISO_*.exe you have opened with WinRAR

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Rick, This is looking really great! :thumbsup_anim:

But I may have come across a bug, maybe not.

I set up a friend's desktop with a fresh XP install (legally) with source modded with beta5.

It uses an nvidia card and the nvidia drivers are loaded using Driverpacks (of course!)

The bug is in the nvidia control panel, where the menu text in the left pane is not viewable in 'Basic' or 'Advanced' views until you click on each option.

I'm not sure if it's a bug with V'iso, nvidia, or a theme mod and since I don't have access to his PC at the moment, it's hard to troubleshoot properly.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

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I know, I'm kicking myself for not grabbing one...sorry. Rookie-move. :crying_anim02:

I'm doing a RAM upgrade on the same system Monday, I'll grab one then.


Here's the screenshot. See the left column "3D Settings", "Display"? The only text to show is what you click on.



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