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[Release] V'ISO b8.2.2 (Last)


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Here is a CMD file I made to slipstream Vista Icons, Boot & Login Screens and other stuff I collected from various Vista Shell Patchers (Energize, VistaMizer and VTP)

bootst4.th.jpg loginyl2.th.jpg deskpu3.th.jpg 54iro7uh9.th.jpg


V'ISO Build 8.2.2

WARNING: For English RyanVM XP SP2 UpdatePack or XP SP3 users ONLY! (Make sure you have RVM or SP3, IE7 and WMP11 already slipstreamed/integrated before icon respatching)

Also make sure you patch SFC (Windows File Protection.)

Use at your own risk, I am not responsible if anything goes wrong.

tabdownload.png Updated (April 21-2008)

MD5: E5BF931E9E0D95819BFC94607A84205D

Size: 30.0 MB


- Slipstream RVM UpdatePack, IE7 and WMP11 (you can also slipstream addons, make unattended and remove components and other stuff)

- Launch the SFX (self extracting installler)

- Browse to the location of the i386 folder

- Hit "Patch..." and wait awhile

- Burn ISO and test it using VMware


Build 8.2.1 4-21-08

- Added Vista OOBE images (thanks to orbit30)

- Added a few extra files (thanks to amnesia)

- Fixed Copy, Move, Delete dialog bug (thanks to chaox2)

Build 8.2 4-06-08

- Now extracts and patches in from WMP11, MEDIACTR and SP2/3 cabinets (fixes bootscreen issue)

- Simplified CMD window text

Build 8.1.1 4-04-08

- Added ntmsmgr.dll resources (thanks to amnesia)

- New Vista Run dialog box (thanks to fediafedia)

Build 8.1 3-13-08

- Removed "More Information" button and text from Copy, Move, Delete dialog

- Also added "About" before "Minutes/Seconds remaining" for a more Vista like dialog

- Fixed netid.dll icon bug (preview)

Build 8 2-29-08

- Updated Move, Copy and Delete AVI's (also resized dialog box)

Build 7.3 2-08-08

- Nothing major just a few misc updated resources thanks to amnesia

Beta 7.2 1-25-08

- Few misc updates (nothing major)

Beta 7.1 1-10-08

- Updated PEChecksum v1.3

- Now includes MSC files (thanks to amnesia)

- Patches a couple extra i386 DLL and EXE files (pointed out by amnesia)

Beta 7 1-07-08

- Fixed shrunken Start Button bug (thanks to amnesia)

- Fixed Event Viewer bug (partially but still needs tweaking)

- The green Vista Copy, Move and Del AVI's are back (also the dialog box tweak by neo)

- Updated a couple other Copy, Del, Attributes AVI's (thanks to Sm0k3r)

Beta 6 12-25-07

- Fixed windbrand.dll bug (thanks to bober)

- No longer removes Logoff/Shutdown text

- Removed Cursors from user32.dll

- Removed green Vista AVI's and Dialog box mod (now uses more "XP like" copy, move, delete AVI's and the default dialog box layout)

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Does this installer include vista icons also?

Here is WINNTBBU that gives winXP more visitsh style. I use it every time, It's must have for my xp collection. :)

Sorry Gorky but I deleted this file, it causes errors when I use it and I dont want anybody to experience the same

MD5: 44109B034E04690CB08776F751F95309

picture preview is included in attachment :)

I did not make it so I'm not responsible for any credits or such kind . I find if browsing MSFN Forums.

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Some users have trouble accessing Sokoolz site. If you still experience problems we can relocate the package.

I even tried disabling the Symantec firewall but the site is still down with a "Server not found" error, although I can get to the Google cached site (no downloads though).

Any rehosting would be greatly appreciated. :thumb_yello:

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even for fast connections its very slow and you are in the process of updating

think of a way of splitting this into groups.

like : group 1 :basic: group 2 :Pinocchio: group 3 :Cinderella: group 4 :miss America: .etc

then when you're satisfied put it back together ...

anyways here is a mirror:

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Removed link to buggy version
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