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[Release] V'ISO b8.2.2 (Last)


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Hey amnesia plz tell me how you converted the icon to binary, I would like to do it

i'd love to know how to do it myself :)

i've found another way.

opened MMC, Add/Remove Snap-in, Add, selected Event Viewer, Add as Local,

saved as Console1.msc, opened it in Notepad and copy/pasted "binary" stuff

to original eventvwr.msc in Notepad too

clever, huh ? :0)

do U know, where are the bitmaps for gpedit.msc ?

needs to be done too 8)

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So far so good with the icons, I managed to figure it out... Just need to find what icons to use for two MSC files (the two marked in red are giving me a bit of trouble)

2 ricktendo64

info about icons for msc snap-ins can be found under


ntmsmgr.msc,wmimgmt.msc attached

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Here's my report:

I've done the test with VISO beta 7, RVM integrated my usual addons and then last integrated VISO, not using any nlite for now.

- The Fast User Switching problem is gone!

Note: I will make one install using nlite too, because either something is fixed in VISO beta7 that was not in beta6, or nlite is not working correctly with all settings with XP SP3 RC1 sources

- also Eventviewer icons work well to (as already note in the newest beta changelog)

- The "alternative themes" don't get cut off at start button, all is well!!!

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amnesia by editing that file you gave me (mmcshext.dll) it will take care of those two icons, I notice they don't have icons in them so they use the default one from that.

Here they are, tell me what you think guys MSC.zip

2 ricktendo64


MMC_ConsoleFile ConsoleVersion="2.0"

so, it opens up with error and empty.

actualy, most of them v2.0, also they saved in Author mode,

which is not a big deal, except U'll be asked to save all the time.

i have them "user mode - full access"

no wmimgmt.msc in a zip, dude. btw it uses C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\wbemcntl.dll

mine devmgmt.msc has Non-Plug and Play Drivers shown, i like it this way.

v3.0 for Ya

msc3.0.rar 165.3 KB


Ooops, left out dnsmgmt.msc and ciadv.msc, now attached :0)

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2 ricktendo64

U may want to consider



for completeness of a Pack, and because it's being used by

IP Security Monitor Extension and IP Security Policy Management

just a thought :0)

p.s dxdiag.exe.res

p.s.s winlogon.exe.res

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thank you so much .. god bless you


I added this registry entry to add the hibernate option in the shut down menu,

after that the look changes to old xp blue bialog box.

fix that in next version.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






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Beta 7.1 1-10-08

- Updated PEChecksum v1.3

- Now includes MSC files (thanks to amnesia)

- Patches a couple extra i386 DLL and EXE files (pointed out by amnesia)

Off Topic: amnesia I cant seem to find a couple of those dll files in i386 but I included them anyway

I also don't like some of your icon choices so I changed some and wont be using others, if you want you can do a VISO mod of your own and release it.

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V'ISO is getting better every day, i don't think the final is too far, imho it's almost perfect for a 1.0 release :thumbsup_anim: :icon_cool:

yeah, V'ISO is the most complete and thorough Pack there is.

not to mention, user friendly, to update anything,

personally, i've only changed to "color 1F" in da batch.

it's just perfect, thank U, Rick :0)


i486 DX2-66

8mb Ram

1MB Trident Video

420 MB Conner HDD

Windows 3.11 (DOS 6.22)

Uptime since 1994


p.s To Whom It May Concern:

in ciadv.msc changed icon

in comexp.msc changed icon for Event Viewer

p.s.s in bcsprsrc.dll.res changed 134.bmp

in cmprops.dll.res changed 111.bmp and 112.bmp

in cryptui.dll.res changed 302.bmp, 303.bmp and 304.bmp

Resources.rar of size 207.5 KB


Edited by amnesia
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