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Vista Logo for XP


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Windows Vista has an animated Vista Logo what is displayed before the Login screen. You can do a similar thing in WinXP. Just download the required BMP file

After you downloaded the file open regedit and goto: HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

In the right-side panel change the Wallpaper String value to the Path of the downloaded BMP file.

e.g.: If you saved the BMP file to "C:\Startup.bmp", you have to set the Wallpaper value to C:\Startup.bmp. If you saved the BMP file to D:\Startup.bmp you have to set the value to D:\Startup.bmp :icon_rolleyes:

Now you'll get a similar Vista Logo before your Login screen in XP too.

Enjoy :whistle:

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I did not understand well for the key of register me I have this

[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]





































I puts it or?

It is well to replace the logo with the first demarrage or it is to note please wait? Because me I seek has to modify this image

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heres an easier method:

1. download the BMP that Jurgen posted, and set it as your wallpaper

2. download and install TweakUI, then run it. navigate to logon-->settings

3. you should see a bunch of check boxes. place a check in the "wallpaper" box, then click "copy now". apply it and restart your computer

4. change your wallpaper back and youre done. the orb will still appear as the startup wallpaper, until you logon to your account

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It works for me on SP3 when I add a registry tweak that it is executed after the first login, but I think it will somehow erase your default wallpaper, and to resolve that I copy my default wallpaper from OEM folders with a CMD file after first login as well, and I have both working without any problems. Just put your image file on the "Wallpaper" folder inside "WINDOWS\Web".

; Installing ORB Bitmap on Logon
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop]

"Orb.bmp" being the name of the file you want to use. (duh!)

And in case any of you want to use it, here's my "Orb".


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