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[Addon] GPU-Z 0.1.2

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well if u ask me reporting info on a hardware in a given database is not cheating or faking,if a device is supported then it is,of course if miss identifying occures,then its just an error,and that should be very easy to see..even with limited knowledge of ones hardware.that type of error is not tryign too fool anyone.and unsupported hardware is just not implemented yet,at least its not making up random info..and vm ware and all other virtual machines use virtual drivers for virtual hardware,its not using any official driver ,so its proly not in teh database..and i think that apps like cpu z and gpu z get their info from by the instlled drivers witch make the device operable, so if u have an ATI HD2900XT and its reporting u have a gefore 6100 then,id put my money on the computer kid genious nexdoor that just recently 'fixed' ure computer...lol

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Off Topic:

CPU-Z Doesnt work in a VM enviroment either. Does that mean its trash? Face it somethings just don't work in VM...

I agree with Kell on this one. Plus both programs are monitoring/information programs so it's obvious that virtual environment can provide correct reading. But you must admit it's nice to have it on your XP collection ;)
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Hey Kel... Just wanted to thank you for a great addon.......

and to let you know that GPU-Z v0.1.0 is now available....


Added preliminary support for Intel
Added Shader Model readout
Fixed ATI RV6xx clocks reading
Fixed report submission on Windows XP 64-bit
When submitting a bug report, a problem description is required.
Improved ATI BIOS reading code
Shortened BIOS string to fix window in some instances
Added end ellipses to certain display fields
Fixed crashes when using NVAPI
Fixed lost handles when using NVAPI
Fixed memory type detection for G84, G86, G92
Improved NVIDIA BIOS reading code
Subvendor BFG Tech now correctly named
Numerous adjustments to pipe/shader configurations on both ATI and NVIDIA

Sounds like you control panel addons is headed to 6.7..... :)

Great as always.... Keep it up bud....

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