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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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Kel, I'm relatively new to the RyanVM stuff and only recently discovered your handiwork, nice!

I've been tinkering with Recycle Bin in the Start Menu (building the hard work of Cygnus and the others who have been contributing there) and have noticed that while your pack includes it, you still need to actively turn it on in the SM and hide it from the desktop. you might want to edit your inf with some of the following to ensure that it appears by default in the SM and is removed from the desktop by default. also, i added a couple of other comments for what it is worth. I would really like if in future releases you would have the Recycle Bin appear in SM and be removed from desktop by default.

; ### I think this is unnecessary



; ### this is definitely unnecessary if set in HKLM using hack further down



; ### this will reveal whatever is set to OEMLink in Start Menu at logon (in this case Recycle Bin) even if default behavior hides it



; ### this will remove Recycle Bin from desktop at logon even if default behavior places Recycle Bin on desktop



; ### this will set the default behavior of the OEMLink in Start Menu to VISIBLE

; ### in the absence of this setting the default behavior of the OEMLink in Start Menu is set to VISIBLE so this setting should really be unnecessary



; ### I believe that you should change this setting from 0 to 1



; ### this will set the default behavior of the Recycle Bin on the desktop to HIDDEN

; ### in the absence of this setting the default behavior of the Recycle Bin on the desktop is set to VISIBLE



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Thanks Kel for putting in the basic Inf install support - but 1 thing about it - it's not silent like your previous versions were.

Doesn't effect me cause I just go in and edit the inf file - just thinking for the sake of others who want to use this as a silent installer again - it's simple to remove the prompts - put the files into a i386 folder and the inf in the root - then you call the -

rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 %FullINFPath%\InfName.inf

even do the cheat and extract to temp using SFX

rundll32 syssetup,SetupInfObjectInstallAction DefaultInstall 128 %Temp%\InfName.inf

still it's your release and you can do as you want. Just saying what I have noticed - fact is tho, if you can't install it from your WPI then your losing 1/2 the people who use this as they don't always want your pack integrated for every install - no way I see my mother using all these tools (well without making more work for me to repair later).

Hmm just realised nothing useful in this post, ahh well I'll post it anyway and you can consider what I mentioned.

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YAY! - Thanks - would be good to have a kel approved silent exe over a bodged up RON release :D

Your packs ARE the only pack I install every OS (even vista) they are beyond good now - they are ESSENTIAL - if I sit at a computer without it I feel like an idiot trying to do things from the context menus etc - must look a real joke with people watching me if they have a clue on what I am doing - right clicking things all the time only to click off it and going the long way around ;)

Staying tuned in here for more. . .

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I am working on actual Vista silent installers for my most poular addons. If you look in the silent installer section you will find the first one My CPL bonus made just for vista. Granted right now they are only silent installer but it is still nice getting them in there :P

I truly apreciate the comments. :D

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Nice - got the silent and the new Runtimes - busy man u been!

ok just double clicked it to see how you handled certain things but all I found was 1 thing I was expecting and 1 I was not

I was expecting it to complain about calc.exe being newer on my system (wasn't silent but hey thats how INF files work), possiable to fix by using WinRAR's SFX commands to delete the 3 files U copy manually.

Ok now the unexpected thing, mmm run after the install opening the main windows for it instead of hanging out in the background

not an issue for me - but is it really needed to be ran straight after it's installed? cause it gets ran every boot after then anyway.

I am happy with it as it is - just mentioning about things I spotted.

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