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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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You can find a prio addon here somewhere....


I see you have a C++ notepad 2 replacement addon but do you have a replacement for the standard notepad2 ?

When anything is opened with notepad, notepad2 will open correct ?

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very thanks only kels updatepack

Doyou can add

image format converter

ShellExtension is a real handy freebie for Windows users.

Install this tool and it will add three new options to your menu when you right click on a picture file: convert, print, and thumbnail preview.

Converting supports most of the formats you will ever need: JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG, GIF, BMP, TGA, PCX, and a few others.

The thumbnail option is particularly handy when you are in a file open dialog of the program that lacks the image preview functionality. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the image in the default program.

For printing, there are no options, you get a centered image with the file path at the top of the page.

link one click installer :download 300kb

Link of Website Download


The smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size. Just open Snapa, resize it's window to fit the area you want to save, and press "Save" button.

* SnapaShot is the easiest and quickest way to capture the screen!

* You don't need to install it, just download and use Snapa anywhere

* SnapaShot is only 68Kb (only one file) and pure net 2.0

* You can cut variable sized snapshots from any webpages, photos and online videos

* SnapaShot save snaps in 5 graphic formats

* Snapa Light best screen capture is free

System requirements

You should have net 2.0 installed (most XP and Vista already have it)

Choose Snapa screen capture software instead of windows "print screen" button. Ideal for image cropping without any Photoshop and etc..

find to this post link

thanks to Cro-Man

Home Page



Power full software for surfng on the internet

web page Download

Google Better Search 1.3

find anything on the internet


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Ummmm yeah mona I might do the photo converter but I will not add shareware (Snapashot) or dl mangagers (Ultrasurf) And google better search was pulled by its maker...

You would be better off asking for seperate addons in the addon discussion thread.

Thanks For Reply,Snapashot is a 2 version freeware(68kb) and shareware(170kb) i like use free version and ulra surf

Is Not Dl mangagers its fREE Software for hide on the internet for blocked website.

ultra surf and snapa free

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