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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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Updated again and hashtab sucks dangit...

LOL, whenever this guy updates HasTab, he totally ****s it up, only to release an update to the update that makes it great again.

I'm wondering whether he does that on purpose, simply to annoy you, Kel :P

PS: 2.0.4 is out already! ;)

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These are the files inside the internal cab you can delete...






Here is the modified UberPacK.inf to replace the one in my pack.

Due to a foorum restriction apparently I can't upload .inf or .in_ files please right click on the attachment and choose save as and save it as "UberPacK.inf"...

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Simply by using CabTool if you are on a system that has my uber-pack installed then you are set, incase not I will attach it here.

All you do is right click on the inf and choose sendto CabTool. It will extract it to a folder named the same thing as the uberpack.

Open that folder and do the same thing to the cab inside called uberpack.cab. Open that and delete the desired files.

Now go back one and select the folder called uberpack and sendto cabtool. After it is done DELETE the folder UberPack.

Replace inf files, then go up one more and send the whole addon folder to CabTool.

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