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[Addon] Kel's UberPacK v16.2 & Notepad2-Mod

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Hastab really did suck, hopefully author will fix his end soon

Yeah, I couldn't "see" any improvements over 1.11 and it certainly "looked" as if there was no QA involved at all!

(that or the author uses the plain Classic Theme only...)

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Helmi I found the problem that causes a DBGHELP.DLL error. Its any addon that has a dbghelp.dll inside a .CAB archive (like my FileZilla addon)

For some strange reason it corrupts that file.

You can rename it to sth else, than rename to original name while copying. I had it a while ago, when trying to copy eula.txt file. Windows eual was being copied to programs directory instead of the one in the cab archieve. And a rename did that job.
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In your UberPack.inf you have a [Regshot.DelShortcut4] that looks like it should be [ResHack.DelShortcut4]

BeginPrompt = BeginUnInsPromptResHack
EndPrompt = EndUnInsPromptResHack
DelFiles = CopyResHack
DelDirs = ResUninstall.DelDirs
DelReg = ResHack.addreg
ProfileItems = reshack.DelShortcut,reshack.DelShortcut2,ResHack.DelShortcut3,ResHack.[b]DelShortcut4[/b]


Name = ResHack,0x00000003
SubDir = Utilities

Name = ResHack,0x00000002
SubDir = Utilities

Prompt = %UninsQuestResHack%
Title = %UninsTitle%
ButtonType = OKCANC

Prompt = %UninsFinalResHack%
Title = %UninsTitle%

And thanks for this Addon

Edited by jander44
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Maybe a stupid question. But is it possible to translate the followling line from the to UberPack.inf my own language?

Ptweak = """Open Command Prompt"",&Back,""&Select All"",""&Hidden Files Toggle"",""&File Extension Toggle"",""Change Attributes..."",""Run with ar&guments ..."",Capitalise,""Convert to &upper case"",""Convert to &lower case"",""ModifyPE It"",&Unlocker,""Copy To..."",""Move To..."",""Process with eXPander"",Clipname,""Advance &Uninstall"",&FGCBA...,""Advance I&nstall"",""CMD Prompt"",""&Make Data ISO"",""&Make Bootable ISO"",""Change &Attributes..."",&UnRegister,&Register,""Open &With Notepad2"",""Ed&it Date"""

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