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vLite replacement?


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well i read that there would be a version 1.03 it would be 6 mb

and it should have some of that bugs fixed so i would wait for that version

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Mardnes that there will be a new version that Nuhi vlite or already working in the new version of vLite to be compatible with windows 7?

From Nuhi no

He stopped that project

And i didn't read that there would be any versions.

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hi, y so big?!

cheers james

the size is duo to Flash and Video components

i will wait for next version it would be 6 mb (that what the creator said)

and it would have more bug fixes so i would wait

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I think it's an Awesome program [2 things] don't work

shell32 replacement Drivers

[Error message hangs up on the 2 I mention] wineplay.exe

these are the that I used for windows 7 x64 besides those 3

It would be nice if they can limit what you need to run the program with

It would also be nice if it had where you can added service pack also

* DOT NET Framework 3.5

* Adobe Flash Player ActiveX

* VMware Workstation 7.0 or

Virtual PC (For testing your customized OS virtually)

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