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I am at 4GHZ


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I don't understand the use of it, you're really pushing it, until you see the smoke :)

I see a difference in performance and my temps get no higher than 40C. I also wanted to hit the 4GHZ mark. I will see what I can do with it as a TRI and QUAD also.

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Well I could overclock my Core i5, but I just don't trust that Intel stock cooler. I will have to invest in better and more silent cooler like Scythe Zipang2, before doing any overclocking.

Yeah, I have that Vendetta. I would like to get a better one but maybe at a later date. I just primed for 2 hours with X4@3.5. I am going to clock it higher since the temps were fine. So yes, I got a 555BE that runs like a 965. :thumbsup_anim:

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